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Cathy Mazak

Brought in $65,000 in new revenue out of the offer she created in Glow Up.

Shymane Robinson 

Completely shifted her business model to focus on her passions + strengths to create a better plan to build and scale.

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Rae McDaniel

Built a brand new, engaged community of leads—400 people and growing—to take her message out of group and one on one work to one to many.

Eleanor Gerber-Siff

Launched her first coaching program and make $30,000.

Glow Up Panel Discussion  

with Cathy Mazak, TaVona Boggs, and Tonya Coleman

Scale your business from six to seven figures this year.

Ticora Davis

Went from inconsitent $18K months to consistent $38K months in 6 months.

I knew I needed more support to keep in step with the vision that I had when I created my law firm.

I wanted to have a safe place for people to work, particularly women after facing discrimination on my own for having my first son and getting fired from a law firm. I knew that whatever it was that I built, I wanted it to be a safe place and a hub for other people to come who are going to help me with the vision that I have for the company. I wanted to create opportunities in space to employ more people so we can be more powerful. And money is a tool or a vehicle that can get you there. It's a bridge, from one opportunity to the next. 

Now I'm making $50K, a month, and it's repeatable—and I’m taking baby steps and slightly tweaking things so I can make $83K a month. Ticora Davis 

MDB Panel 

with members Sara Dean and Radiah Rhodes

Lisa Graham

Found a way to increase her revenue while decreasing how much she worked to reclaim her marriage and her time with her family (and after this was recorded, Lisa went from $250K to $1M in six months).

Cathy Mazak

Invested in herself to finally become BOLD in her business and her ask to increase her revenue from $14K to $60K.