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Hello Seven Podcast with Rachel Rodgers | Webinar Replay: How to Make $10K in 10 Days

Webinar Replay: How to Make $10K in 10 Days

Folks have been blowing up my DMs for access to the replay of the “How to Make $10,000 in 10 Days” masterclass I taught last week so for a few short days only, I am giving you the entire How to Make $10,000 in 10 Days training on the podcast!

That’s right, I am giving you the entire webinar in audio format so you can listen to it while you go for a walk, wash clothes, commute to work, or braid your daughter’s hair.

I know you’re busy, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get this incredible formula that will have you earning $10,000 in the next ten days!

Remember, this episode is up for a very limited time so, if you do nothing else, be sure to listen to it today. Absorb all of this money-making goodness and get your bank account ready for a hot girl/boy/enby summer.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The 3 guiding principles that will ensure your $10,000 venture is a success,
  • The 4 characteristics of a great $10k in 10 days offer,
  • Your 5-step plan for making $10,000 in 10 days so you know exactly what to do, and in what order,
  • The pitfalls and challenges that might get in your way
  • 3 examples of $10k in 10 days challenge offers I have done myself over the years and exactly how I did it (plus how much money I made from it), and
  • Tons of examples of $10k in 10 day offers from my clients.
  • You’ll also learn how to join 200+ ambitious entrepreneurs for the next $10k in 10 days challenge I am hosting with the Hello Seven team

Listen to the Full Episode:

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Right, we have to own our capabilities, we have to counteract the messages that we’re getting out in the world every day and we have to build that confidence up and put ourselves out there. And this challenge is an opportunity for you to do that, to step into trusting yourself more, to step into your badassery, to claim your power.

You want to make more money? You are in the right place. Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast, that’s seven as in seven figures. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers. On this show, it’s all about you and your money. We talk about how to maximize your earning potential, how to make better financial decisions, and how to find your million-dollar idea, that genius business idea that’s going to make you a whole lot more money. I’m here to show you how to expand your income and expand your confidence, power, and joy.

If you are a woman, a person of color, a queer person, if you’re a person living with a disability, or you don’t fit the stereotypical image of what a millionaire is “supposed” to look like, this show is for you. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you could be earning a lot more than you currently do. Your journey to wealth starts right here.

All right. Let's do this. Welcome, welcome to how to make $10,000 in 10 days. I am so excited. Thank you for being here. There are over 11,000 people registered for this masterclass, okay? Y'all are ready to get this money, okay? And I love to see it. Let us be focused on getting this bag, okay?

So I'm actually going to turn off my video now because I want to make sure that y'all are focused on the slides and just so that we can make sure it's not slowed down or anything like that. So I'm going to stop my video and let's do this.

Let's talk about what we are all gathered here to learn today. Over the next hour or so we're going to talk about how to make quick money in your business, okay? Who here would like to make quick money? All y'all. That's why you're here, right?

So we're going to talk about how to make quick money in your business. Why this skill is so incredibly important to entrepreneurship, right? And honestly, nowadays, you just need it no matter what, right? You just have to have this skill set whether you're an entrepreneur or not.

Everything you need to make $10,000 in 10 days, I'm going to walk you through it, okay? So you're going to understand exactly how to do this. And then the number one thing getting in the way of you making money. All right, so we're going to talk about it, I'm going to show you what's getting in your way.

So make sure you stay to the end of our time today to receive a bonus, this is one of my most sought after resources called Million Dollar Requests, okay? It's a comprehensive collection of scripts and templates that tell you exactly what to say to get what you want. These are scripts you can use with potential clients, over email, on the phone, all the places, right?

These scripts alone have helped people make thousands upon thousands of dollars and I'm going to give it to you for free. Okay? You just got to stay until the end of this class to learn how. And why wouldn't you? I'm about to teach you how to get this money, of course you’re staying until the end.

But listen, don't take my word for it, all right? I like to bring evidence. I'm a lawyer, so I like to bring my evidence. So here's the word on the streets, here's what happens when folks use these scripts. Somebody says, “Just finished a sales call using one of the million dollar request scripts, had to be the easiest sale ever.” Yes, get this money.

Bianca says, “I used script number four in the million dollar request booklet and not only did I get a new client, but he paid me in full. I'm sold.” Okay? You will be too, so enough said, right? You're going to get this bonus.

So that's not all I got for you though, because I'm generous like that. So check this out, did somebody say swag? I think they did. At the end of this class I'm also going to tell you how to get free swag from my absolutely delightful swag shop. You'll get your very own piece of Hello Seven swag to enjoy. This is another free bonus available to you today.

Yes, listen, don't we love swag? We love a schmillionaire moment, right? Schmillionaires is what we call our clients. And there's an array of fabulous swag. So you will get a beautiful piece of swag and I will tell you how to get it at the end, okay? Can you even with this sweatshirt? I mean, I can't. You obviously need one, right? Everybody needs one. We also have t-shirts, okay, and other things.

But believe it or not, there's actually more. So that's not all the bonuses I have for you. You'll also want to stay to the end because I've never done this before, but I'm giving away two 12 month memberships to my coaching and training program called We Should All Be Millionaires, The Club.

This program is designed to help you become a millionaire by providing business, financial, and legal training and resources. You'll also get business and mindset coaching, and the most incredible uplifting community of diverse entrepreneurs you have ever been a part of, okay?

People in the chat saying, “Give me that giveaway.” I love it. Two of you in this room today will be joining us in The Club for free. If you are here live right now, you are automatically entered to win. So you want to make sure that you stay live, okay? Everyone who is here live will have the opportunity to win, all right? So stay to the end so you are here when I call your name.

We pretty much never give away memberships in We Should All Be Millionaires The Club, but today I'm giving away not just one, but two during this masterclass. So stick with me.

All right, so what I'm teaching you today is the number one reason I'm still in business 12 years after becoming an entrepreneur. I started my first business on September 1, 2010, and it's been quite a journey. If I didn't hone the ability to do this one thing I don't know what would have happened when cash flow got tight.

I wasn't born with this skill I'm going to talk about today. I had to learn it, all right? Lack of cash flow is the number one reason business owners have to shutter their doors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 20% of small businesses will close in the first year, 50% by year five, and 56% of Americans are unable to cover an unexpected $1,000 bill with savings.

Cash flow in our personal lives and in our business lives can be a struggle for so many. And for many years it was for me too, right? But not us, not anymore. And it's because once you build and practice this skill that I'm going to teach you today, you will be able to make money whenever you want.

The ability to generate cash quickly, that is the skill you need to know. All right? Generating capital is power and to be able to do it whenever you want, it is life changing, okay? So $10,000 is a life changing amount of money. A study from Wells Fargo found that the most common amount of startup capital is $10,000. But honestly, it's not really about the money.

The real reason I teach you how to make $10,000 in 10 days is because I want you to know what it feels like to have the power and the confidence to make money whenever you want. I want you to walk around with swagger knowing that if shit ever hit the fan, you can make extra money quickly to cover any expenses.

And I want you to know that when everything is going great, but you'd like to make some extra cash for something special, you can go ahead and just do that, right? Wouldn't that be amazing? How would it make you feel to know that you can make significant amounts of money whenever you want to? Would it make you feel powerful? Or maybe confident? Or maybe at peace? Tell me in the chat, I want to hear from you. How would it feel?

I'm seeing powerful, empowered, yes. Relieved, oh, I know that. Relaxed, flexible. Yes, we love flexibility. Secure, joyous, yes. Free. We love freedom. Stability, listen, shout out to stability, okay? Stability, do not get enough love. Well, I'm glad that y'all are excited and understand what this is going to do for you.

I'm ready to teach you but before we dive in let me briefly introduce myself so you know who you're learning from. There's a lot of new folks here, okay? So my name is Rachel Rodgers. I'm the bestselling author of We Should All Be Millionaires. We just celebrated 100,000 copies sold, so thank you to anyone here who has purchased a copy of my book. Thank you so much, I appreciate you.

I am a former intellectual property lawyer, I ran my own successful law practice for about six years. That was my first business. Currently, I'm an investor, a business coach, and the CEO of my eight figure business, Hello Seven. We are on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in 2021, I believe we're number 961.

I grew up in Flushing, Queens. So shout out to all my Queens folks, shout out to New York, where there were good times with awesome Christmases, and there were bad times with government assistance and struggles with addictions. There were times when our lights went out and when food was scarce. And I remember the landlord coming to the door upset about late rent almost every month. And now I'm the landlord, okay?

So over the course of my journey from six figures in debt to eight figures in revenue I've had to learn all my lessons the hard way. And I don't want that for you, I want you to have the shortcut so you can do it way faster, okay?

So this is my brief, put some respect on it slide, okay? So, I do this live to let you know that I've been around for a while and definitely collected plenty of street cred. Okay? So I've been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times, I've spoken on significant stages. And I'm here to help as many people as possible, #askaboutme.

Okay, so now that's out of the way and you know that I have the experience to teach on this topic, let me tell you why I wanted to teach this class. I wanted to host this masterclass because I see too many historically excluded entrepreneurs struggling to generate enough revenue to cover their expenses and turn a healthy profit.

Women of color are the fastest growing segment of new business owners, and yet the majority of us are not making much money. Let's look at the stats. According to the US Census, 85% of women entrepreneurs remain stuck at a low revenue level, earning 99,000 per year or below. Only 15% ever crack the $100,000 mark. As you can imagine, this is not enough money to cover business expenses, pay taxes, pay a team, and pay yourself as the owner very well, right?

And before I move on, I just want to make a note about language and statistics, we often use the terms men and women when we share financial data. This is because unfortunately there isn't much data, or any really that I know of, available on people who don't fall into those two gender categories. Yet, right? Obviously, all of these institutions need to catch up. As new data gets released, we look forward to bringing it to you.

So folks who identify as non-binary, non-gendered, pan-gender, gender fluid, third gender, two spirit, or whatever identity is true for you, please know that you are welcome and beloved in this community. And the reason why I specifically talk about data related to women is because I'm really referring to all of the folks who are not cis straight white men. This data is going to be close to what the stats are for your identity as well, okay?

All right, so only 2% of women entrepreneurs ever generate a million dollars and above. And this stat hasn't changed in over 20 years, despite the increased access to online tools, education, and communities related to entrepreneurship. So basically, we have more resources than ever but it's not making us any more money.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, on average the annual revenue reported by business owners of color is only 1/3 of the annual revenue reported by white business owners. Ain't that about a bitch? And an estimated 41% of Black owned businesses, 32% of Latinx owned businesses, and 26% of Asian owned businesses have closed since the pandemic, as compared to 17% of white owned businesses.

LGBTQIA+ business owners are less likely to have access to venture capital and angel investment funds than straight business owners according to a survey conducted by Chicago Booth review and Start Out. And that disadvantage only widens for non-white and non-male LGBTQIA+ business owners.

So yes, somebody said, “All this makes me want to cuss.” Correct, all these stats are very frustrating. They make you mad and sad, right? And I need you to know that it's not you, it's the government and our institutions, and our culture that marginalizes everyone but straight cis white men, right?

However, we are not here for sad stories and we are not statistics. If you choose to be here today, you are already ahead of the game, right? Because you are investing your time in learning and surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up.

As for me, I'm a Black woman, right, who grew up in a low income household. And I had zero desire to become a statistic, and so I didn’t, right? But back then I needed to figure out a way not to. I didn't really know, right? So let me tell you how this all started.

I want to tell you about my very first “10K in 10 Days Challenge” except it wasn't $10,000 that I challenged myself to make and it wasn't in just 10 days. But I learned how to make money quickly because I needed to pay my bills, right? I truly learned by necessity. There's nothing like a bill coming due to motivate you, am I right?

So here's what had happened. As I mentioned, I started my law practice on September 1, 2010, I did this out of necessity. The 2008 recession made it really difficult to find a well-paying job as a lawyer, there was so much competition. So I started my own practice. So things moved along and I had a handful of legal clients, most of whom were referred to me from friends and family.

I was making about $2,500 a month. This was the early stages of my business and I really hustled for those clients, okay? I made all the mistakes. I under charged for my services, I didn't have a mailing list or know anything about marketing or selling. I had no idea what I was doing, I was just completely winging it.

And then only six months into starting my business, things got a little more complicated. I got pregnant and my baby was due on Halloween. I needed to come up with enough money to take a maternity leave. And I needed enough money to pay my rent for three months, which was $800 per month at the time. I needed to cover my basic expenses and not have to worry about money while I cared for my newborn, all right?

Listen, nothing like a deadline. Yes, correct. So the $2,500 per month was just enough to get by, right? It wasn't really enough to save anything. So about a month before my baby was due I set a goal to earn an extra $3,000 to give me the cushion I needed, and I had basically 30 days to do it.

So this is me in August 2011, right before I started this challenge, okay? Let's call it the $3,000 in 30 days challenge. So I was challenging myself to make this money in 30 days. But how was I going to do it, right? And remember, this was $3,000 extra that I needed on top of the 2,500 I was already needing to hustle to earn to pay my current bills.

So I decided to teach a class on something people were asking me about all the time. I had a lot of lawyers emailing me asking me how was I doing this because I started a law practice right out of law school, right? And it was a virtual law practice, which is very common now, but that was a brand new thing back in 2010, 2011.

So I put together a plan to teach a class sharing everything I knew about getting a virtual law practice up and running. I would sell this six week class for $97. Listen, I didn't have all the education I have now about pricing, all right? So don't come at me for that $97. I didn't have a mailing list or a customer database, so I just told other lawyers about it on Twitter.

I had like maybe 100 followers on Twitter of like fellow lawyers that I used to talk to all the time, so I just asked them. And I also emailed every lawyer friend that I had and asked them to take the class or to send it to someone they thought should take it.

So for 30 days I went hard trying to get people to buy this class, and it worked. I made $3,600 In less than 30 days and my maternity leave was fully funded. Listen, I was shocked, okay? This was not Small Business Bodyguard, that's another thing and I'll talk about that in a minute.

So I got to teach this six week class, which was cutting it dangerously close to my due date, honestly. And so naturally, my daughter arrived two weeks early, I had to teach that final class the week after giving birth with my daughter on my boob, okay? But it was totally worth it because after that I had three months of runway, right?

And so that was my first time challenging myself to make more money, but it wouldn't be my last. And you need to know that I was a baby entrepreneur, brand new, less than 12 months or just about 12 months into my journey, okay? I didn't have any of the skills that I have today.

So the first time I challenged myself to make more money was by necessity, right? Maternity leave is definitely a necessity. My second time was just desire. I just wanted something I couldn't afford and I didn't have a credit card to put it on. Anyone ever been there? Anyone ever just want something they can't afford? Because I know I ain’t alone here. Okay, yes, everybody is flooding saying, “Yes, there's lots of things we want that we cannot afford.”

Well listen up because I'm going to tell you how to get it. Okay, so three years after having my daughter and then I've also had a son, right? And so I'm several years later, after that maternity leave and after my first child was born and growing my law practice the whole time I saw an advertisement for a retreat in Italy. And this busy mama wanted that damn retreat. I saw them pictures and I was like, “That needs to be me.” There were stars in my eyes and I had to go.

And the person leading it was my good friend, Susan Hyatt, and she's a life and business coach. She wasn't my good friend then, right? She was just somebody I found on the internet who had a retreat. So I knew she could help me figure out how to grow my law practice and earn more money.

So the retreat cost $6,000 and I had to book a flight too. So it was a total of $7,000 that I needed to come up with. So I just immediately put down my $500 deposit on my credit card to hold my spot. And then I got busy trying to figure out how I was going to come up with the rest of the money, right?

So $6,500 is a huge sum of money to me at the time. So how could I make this happen? I looked around at what I had, right? This is important, how can we assess what do we got, right? I had legal skills, I had a digital product that I had created called Small Business Bodyguard at the time. The first thing I did was put Small Business Bodyguard on sale for a weekend.

So I emailed my still very small list. Like my customer list at this point is still probably only about 1000 people maybe, like on my email list. And I invited them to buy it for a lower price for a limited time. And then I taught a free class on trademark services because I'm a lawyer and that's what I sell, legal services. And I invited all the attendees to hire me to do their trademarks.

And I wound up selling two trademarks and 10 copies of Small Business Bodyguard and that was more than enough to cover my trip, okay? So at this point I'm feeling pretty badass, right? I just made an extra seven grand in a very short period of time. So now suddenly I had the money to cover the thing I couldn't afford. So if I could generate that cash that fast, what else could I do? Okay, it keeps escalating because you know what? We just keep wanting shit, right? That's how it is.

So back in 2017 I decided it was time for a home upgrade. And I wanted to build a big, beautiful house for my growing family. The home was going to cost $750,000 and we had $100,000 of the down payment that we had saved over time, okay? But I needed another $50,000 quick, right?

So now I'm seven years into my entrepreneurial journey, right? So you can see this skill is escalating as I keep growing my business. So I took stock of what I had again, right? What skills do I have? What kind of offer could I put together? What was something folks always asked me for?

After thinking about it I decided to offer a VIP day. Folks would get to work with me one on one for a full day and I would help them rework their business model, coming up with great branding, develop their offers, and create a marketing plan all in one day. So I shared this offer on social media and just pushed it and got people excited about it. And within days, I had earned the $50,000 by selling five VIP days for 10K a pop, okay?

So that money enabled me to put the money down to get the house built, just in time for the birth of another one of my babies. I got a lot of children, y'all. So in total I have four children. So I needed that big ass house, okay? This picture is of my actual house. I don't live there anymore but this was our place for several years, and it wasn't quite finished yet when this photo was taken.

So with the proceeds from these three quick money challenges I was able to go on maternity leave, go on a business retreat to Italy, and buy a big ass house, okay? So think about that, what does more money enable in your life, right?

More money, especially getting it quickly, can equal quality childcare, right? A nicer place to live, retirement savings, investing in your career, your business, your self-care, your health and wellbeing, your future, your joy, all of it, right? Investing in others, I'm able to cover tuition for one of my family members. And I cover the housing costs of another family member. And it makes me really happy that I'm able to do that.

It also allows you to erase debt, right? Getting rid of debt, student loans anyone? I am a law school grad, so you best believe your girl had six figures in student loan debt. And so much more, right? Money gives us options and we need and deserve those options and opportunities, okay?

So this is the number one skill as a business owner that will carry you forward, even if you're not a business owner. And I'm going to show you examples. So if you think, “Oh, well, you have a special skill set,” I'm not special and I'm going to show you other examples, okay? So these are just my stories.

So maybe you want to attend that business conference, right? Maybe you need to make payroll next month. Maybe you need more capital to invest in yourself. Maybe you want to donate money or back political candidates, right? No matter what, you can make the money you want when you want, okay?

So how would it change things if you had $10,000 more in your bank account in a matter of days? What is something you could use extra money for right now? If you knew how to make an extra 10K today, what would you do with it? I see pay off debt, a new roof, vacation, dental work, full-time daycare, build a house, travel, take care of my parents, branding, car repair, pay for a wedding, college tuition. Listen, all of it, yes.

We need money for all of these things. All of these things are important to us and so we need to know how to make more money when we need it, right? My dog needs surgery, listen, I have definitely been there when I could not afford the surgery for my cat years ago. I'm allergic to cats, so I had no business having a cat in the first place. But listen, that conversation with that vet was very stressful, okay? I was paying that surgery off for a long time.

Okay, so now we are clear on why learning how to make money quickly is an invaluable skill that you can absolutely learn. I've shared several personal stories from my own life when I challenged myself to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Turns out, it's totally doable.

You've also gotten clear on what you are going to use your extra money for. So we are primed, we are pumped, and we are ready to walk through the three important principles you need to follow to make $10,000 in 10 days.

Get your worksheets out. Are you ready? Let me know. Yes. Okay, I'm seeing let's go, let's do this. Give it to us. Okay, let's do this together. So I've shared with you how I’ve used this one skill over and over. And you today have all the skills and talent you need to make whatever amount of money it is that you want or need.

But before you can take any action, you have to believe. Okay? That's why belief is step one, the majority of people do not believe making money is easy or simple. We have collectively built this base of beliefs over generations that were passed to us, honestly, coming from this like Protestant work ethic and other beliefs that we have to work hard then work harder. And after 50 years of hard labor you can take your savings and go on a Norwegian Cruise and that's it, right?

We think we have to work incredibly hard and things have to be incredibly difficult for us to be worthy of the wealth and success we desire. I want and need you to drop this belief, okay, and any other limiting beliefs you have about your ability to make money. And here is why, not only is belief step one, but if you don't have belief, all the other steps may not matter, right?

This is the number one thing I see getting in people's way. If you don't believe it's possible, you won't bother to even take the action that actually makes it possible. I could give you all the steps, but you won't take them, right? Believing in yourself and your abilities is scary.

Trust me, I get it. I get scared too when I have a big dream. There's a big dream I have right now that I'm shook about, right? And I'm trying something I've never done before. When I do that I get scared as well.

But I want you to bet on yourself and take a risk. I want you to trust in you. You are a safe bet, my friend. You are an awesome investment. I remember in the early days of starting my practice my husband used to be worried about money and he would ask me to consider getting a job at a law firm.

And I would tell him, “Listen, no, no, no baby, stick with me. All right? I got this. It’s all going to come together if you're willing to just keep going for a little while longer.” And you know what? I turned out to be a damn good investment, didn’t I? And I promise, you will too.

Now let's talk about some of your beliefs around money that might be getting in your way. The first, like we just talked about, we consciously or subconsciously believe that making money is hard. Maybe you believe that if you have money you'll turn into a jerk, right? Maybe you have some limiting beliefs around money, like I'm not good with money. Or a scarcity mindset that there's not enough money to go around.

I mentioned how most people don't even believe making quick dough is possible, right? So listen, if I'm doing so well financially that people think I'm selling drugs or something, that is a blessing. Lord, feel free to bless me so much that folks don't believe it and swear I'm a criminal, okay? Give me all them blessings, okay. That's the kind of abundance I'm talking about, all right? And I can't be worried about what other people think. All right?

So this scarcity money mindset didn't just come out of nowhere, right? Historically excluded people, like all of us, right? Women, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, Black people, people of color, right? People like us don't typically have generational money that gets handed down to us.

There is an enormous racial wealth gap where Black people have a net worth that is a mere 10% of white people's net worth. Women of all ethnicities get paid significantly less than their male counterparts for the exact same work. And there is so much more historic and systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-trans sentiment, ableism that affects our beliefs about what our work is worth and our ability to earn good money.

All of these systems and messages tell us we can't do this, all right? But my clients and I know different. It's possible to make quick money in your business or out of your business, right? I gave you three examples from my own life to show that it is possible and I have more specific examples that I'm going to show you from my clients in just a moment.

If you know this is something you need to work on, pay attention because I have a list of action steps for you to take. So action steps to improve your money mindset, first, journal on your early childhood memories about money. Who do you need to forgive? This was such a powerful exercise for me when I've done it in the past.

Evaluate the financial decisions you've made. Are they rooted in abundance or scarcity? Hang out with friends who have a strong money mindset. Listen you in the right spot now, okay? Read the biographies of wealthy people you admire like Madam C.J. Walker. Listen, you will get your whole life reading her biography.

Read books on money mindset, We Should All Be Millionaires. And take a money mindset course, again, We Should All Be Millionaires the course, right? Or maybe you should join The Club, and I'll tell you more about that later.

So, when you believe you will do the work and you'll prove to yourself that it's possible, and then you will never be the same. Once you prove this to yourself, you will be stomping through the world with more confidence, more peace, and more of everything you want. I was not born with an ability to make fast money, neither were you. But I learned and you are learning today, okay?

So we talked about how belief is critical, so what's in the way of believing this is possible for you? Maybe you're scared you won't do it right, so you take yourself out of the game before you even try. Who here has done that? I know some of y'all are doing that. You’re probably doing it in your head right now. Okay, don't do it. Don't you do it, right? We count ourselves out before we even try.

Fear of success, right? Maybe our fear is actually being able to do this thing, right? Actually having success. Maybe we're worried like, what if I lose friends because I suddenly have more money, right? Or what if I do it and then I'm scared to do it again?

Or you're worried what other people will think of you. What about all that money in the world you're not making because you're worried about possible judgment? Worry about that instead, okay?

I have a secret that I use to motivate me past these fears, because trust me, I have all these fears. Today, currently, right? They're still there, I'm just exorcising them out of my body, right? I'm fighting them.

So let me talk to you about principle number two. Principle number two is you need to set a goal that excites you, all right? This is really important. You know why? Because if your goals are boring, so is the win, right? Which is not very motivating at all. Part of meeting an exciting goal means you're also going to need to bet on yourself in a big way.

Did you know that if you make your goals more enticing and more challenging for yourself, that you are actually a lot more likely to achieve them? Did you realize that? The harder goals are easier to make happen, right? Enter the BHAG, a big, hairy, audacious goal. This is the second thing you need to be able to generate money quickly.

Making 10K in 10 days is an example of a BHAG, right? BHAG comes from the 1994 book Built To Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. So a BHAG isn't something so wild it's highly unlikely you'll achieve it, but definitely something you'll have to stretch yourself to make happen.

A clear, compelling goal feels very exciting, and when we set them you open up your mind to possibilities. It allows you to get into creativity, it allows you to brainstorm, and that's where we come up with all of these solutions.

This is why I say the solution is within you. I know it sounds corny, but it is absolutely true. Okay? And positive feelings lead to positive actions. With that excitement, that's how you make it happen, right? That excitement is a positive feeling and it leads to more positive action that you're taking.

So it's the what if, right, that gets you excited. Remember that reason you thought of for making more money earlier? What if you did it? What if you made your 10K in 10 days and you were able to take that vacation? Or fund that retirement account, or invest in that program, or move to a nicer place? The possibility in that gets us hype. And that hypeness is what helps us achieve the goal.

Another way to say it is connecting to that purpose makes it more likely that you'll achieve the goal. So if a BHAG scares you, know that the risk and fear factor are part of what is actually motivating about these goals. Being what I called scared-cited is not only a good thing, but really important. Alternatively, ho-hum goals are much less likely to actually be achieved.

These two research researchers looked at 400 different studies on goal achievement, and here's what they found. There is a linear relationship between the degree of goal difficulty and performance. Specifically, specific difficult goals lead to higher performance than no goals, as well as vague abstract goals such as so your best, right? I.e. the bigger the goal, the better your performance. The better your performance, the better your results, all right? It's literally science.

So here's my point, your thoughts about what you are capable of can hold you back, right? They can actually hold you back from your actual capabilities. You're actually capable of making 10K in 10 days, but you have these thoughts that prevent you from thinking that you are.

When you set a big goal, the context of who you are and what is possible in relation to that goal forces you out of your self-imposed limitations and brings you into the present, ready to work rather than being stuck in fear. And when we're stuck in fear, we're thinking about the past or we’re thinking about the future, okay?

So the moral of the story, you are more powerful than you can even imagine. There's always a way to make it happen, right? So you need to set a big ass goal. Perhaps $10,000 In 10 days is your BHAG, or maybe there is a larger number that you prefer to pursue. I truly don't care what the number is, as long as it is stretching you.

Trust me, I didn't know what I was capable of 10 plus years ago. But if I did, listen, I would have got there so much sooner because I was getting in my own way because I didn't believe it was possible. And clearly it was, right, because here I am.

So let's talk about principle number three, you need to create an offer that can make you a lot of money. Okay, who's ready to create that offer that's going to make them some cash? Awesome. Okay, a great 10K in 10 days challenge offer, that's what we're going to talk about, what you're going to sell.

So let's talk about the characteristics of a great 10K in 10 days challenge offer. So first, you need to choose an offer that will provide capital up front. Y'all, get ready for my absolute favorite slide of this entire presentation. We're not talking about that $10 eBook you're going to sell, okay? That small amount will take way too long to generate the kind of money we're talking about.

So if you already have access to a large group of potential customers, you can do the $10 eBook, right? But if you don't have a large group of customers, like I didn’t when I was starting, let's find something more profitable to sell that will add up faster. Yes, Quinta, you know we love Quinta.

Okay, so the math got to math, right? So you need to be able to sell enough of the thing, enough of the offer that we're going to create right now in a short period of time so that you can generate $10,000. So what if you took that same $10 eBook and added a call with you and charged $500, right?

Or what about taking that eBook and using it as a workbook for a group class and charging more for that, right? You have to sell a lot fewer of the group class or the eBook with the call in order to get up to that $10,000, right? And you give a great experience to your customer as well. So allow it to add up a little faster. Don't think $5 offer, right? Think bigger than that.

So second, your offer can't have you trading in quick cash for future misery. That's not what we're in the business of, okay? It's like one of those payday loans where they lend you the money and then when your payday comes they take your entire check and the interest rates are horrible. Listen, you got some cash now, but later you're going to be miserable. That's not what we want for our 10K in 10 days.

So we're not talking about something that's going to take you a year to deliver or something you don't enjoy doing. Trust me, I have new ideas for new offers all the time, but my COO here at Hello Seven is Brittany Martin, and she talks me out of it, thank God, right?  She calls it protecting future Rachel, because she knows future Rachel is going to be mad at herself for creating all this extra work unnecessarily, right?

So create offers that feel joyful for you to deliver and allow you to move on with your life at some point, all right? And I'm going to share some examples in a second. But I don't want you to create offers, like if this is your first time creating this kind of thing and doing this kind of work, don't make it a 12 month offer. What if you discover in the first month that you hate it, right? Make it a 30 day offer that way you have the experience, you could do the 30 days and if you decide you don't like it, you can do something else next time, right? So create options for yourself.

So the offer also needs to be sexy and exciting to clients, all right? It needs to be both, sexy and exciting, that's what's enticing. Sexy and exciting offers are things that are only available for like a short period of time. Like an upcoming live event, or include a luxe or exclusive experience like a VIP day, right?

But let me tell you what you don't need for your offer, you don't need a website. You don't even need a brand name. So many people get stuck stressing over these unnecessary details, right? You don't need to have it all figured out, let experience be your teacher, okay? Experience is your teacher just take the first step.

When I put together that class I didn't have any branding or any of the trappings, I was just texting people like, “Yo, you want to do this class?” And by texting, I mean tweeting, really. I was tweeting people, I was sending emails and saying, “Hey, do you want to do this class? Here's what it's going to entail. What do you think?” We all have access to email, let's just do that. You don't need all of these trappings, okay?

So, remember, a great 10K in 10 Days Challenge offer is one that provides a decent amount of capital upfront, right? So we need a little bit higher of a price point. Does not commit you to something long term, okay? It's not taxing on your time or soul. You don't want to be miserable delivering this thing if possible, right? And it's sexy and exciting to your potential clients. All right, so those are the characteristics of a great 10K in 10 days offer.

All right, so we talked about the three principles of making $10,000 in 10 days, which are we've talked about having belief that you can do this. We've talked about setting your BHAG. We've talked about your offer and the characteristics of a great offer. Now you just need one more thing to make your 10K in 10 days, one more critical piece.

You need a plan, right? Who loves a plan? So let me talk you through your step by step plan for making $10,000 in 10 days. Listen, we want a plan, give me the step by step. Give me the play by play, break it down for me, all right? I got you. I got you.

Okay, so step one, choose the amount to commit to earning, right? Like choose the amount that you are going to commit to earning. Is it $10,000? Does that freak you out? Good, right? Then that’s your number, I want a number that freaks you out, right? If that number feels debilitating, you can lower the number as long as it feels like a stretch for you.

So if there's a number that you have in mind that you're like, “I feel like I could do that. That feels really doable.” Whatever that doable number is, add 30% minimum, okay? Make it harder for yourself. Make it challenging, because remember your BHAG, this needs to feel challenging to get you excited and jumping out the bed in the morning, all right?

All right, so this step is my favorite one. Next up, decide your reward. How you going to treat yourself? Besides the money that you will earn, what else are you going to do to celebrate yourself on the other side of achieving this goal?

This is the thing that's going to keep you going when it gets challenging, right, when you get your first rejection, right? So I want you to have that reward sitting there dangling in front of you to keep you motivated and focused, okay?

Step three, choose the thing you will sell. What is your offer going to be? All right, we talked about choosing your offer , that capital upfront offer. And then next, choose your when. What are the 10 days on your calendar you'll be selling this and actually doing the challenge? Yes, you need to choose 10 specific days on the calendar, okay?

And then what you need to do is tell somebody. You have to find your cheering squad, not just to cheer you on but to brainstorm with you, to keep you moving, to keep you accountable, to give you pep talks. My best friend Robert Hartwell sends me, you know, him singing about how much success I'm about to have. He sends me texts with songs. Listen, one of these days I'm going to play it on the podcast.

So 95% of your success is determined by the people you spend time with. 95%, that's the difference between 100 bucks and $10,000, okay? So it's really important that you've got people there to cheer you on and to support you. And there are all kinds of studies around goal setting and accomplishing goals that show that if you just say, “Hey, I'm going to do this thing,” you actually have a 10% chance of accomplishing it.

But if you say, “Hey, I'm going to do this thing, here's the timeframe I'm going to do it, here's the person that I'm asking to hold me accountable,” now you have a 90% chance of accomplishing it. There are studies that show this, it’s is unbelievable. So the squad is not something to skip. Do not keep this to yourself, you have to tell somebody, okay?

So that is your five step plan, now let's discuss the pitfalls. There's a few things that can get in the way that you want to look out for, like not having immediate success so you quit. Yes, when you get that first rejection, it hurts, it don't feel good, you just want to be like, “You know what? Forget it, I'm done.” Forget this, Rachel don’t know what she’s talking about, right? That's what happens, we got to lick our wounds but get our assets back up and keep going, right?

You need to have a knowledgeable sounding board so that you can learn the right strategy. Sometimes it's just we don't know what we don't know, right? Sales strategies, strategies for selling online quickly, like strategies for different types of offers that you could create.

Losing momentum, right, you got to have that squad to keep you going to keep cheering you on and being like, “Listen, get up and get out there.” Right? Who's that friend that you could call who's going to give you a pep talk every morning of this 10K in 10 Days Challenge, schedule that and it will make such a difference.

So what would it mean for you to be able to turn on your money making ability anytime you want it? Tell me in the chat. Because now you know what the work is, right? So this is the critical moment, we know what the work is and we're like, I don't want to do that. That sounds like work. I don't want to put on my overalls and get to work, right?

So that's why I'm asking you this question, so you can remember how powerful it will be to feel expansive, to have power, to feel liberated, right? I’m seeing abundance, having a safety net, feeling joyful, feeling confident, yes. Feeling like you have control over your life, absolutely. This is all part of it, right? So remind yourself of that so that you can get this done.

So I've given you all the ingredients, right? That's it. You don't need a website, you don't a mailing list, you don't need 100,000 followers. You just need belief, you need a BHAG, you need an offer, you need 10 days on your calendar, you need a special way to reward yourself, and you need a group of people to support you, okay?

So what what's next? All right, what's next is a decision. You have all the basic ingredients for doing a successful 10K in10 days challenge on your own. And I want you to know that you can do this on your own, all right? I have clients and people who have written to me to tell me that they are doing this on their own and they are having success. So I want you to know that that is true.

But my question is, why would you when you can do this 10K in 10 days challenge in community? We talked about all the messages we get that tell us we can't do this, I am proof that you can. And my business is millions of dollars of proof that we can, right?

However, I wouldn't be where I'm at without my squad and I want everyone to have that, right? So if 95% of your success is determined by who you hang out with and you're hanging out with people who don't get it, or who don't believe in you, or don't get entrepreneurship, or don't get your pursuit of building wealth, you're going to struggle to get results.

But the momentum of community is unstoppable. The momentum of thousands of like-minded people working towards a singular goal at the same time is absolutely unstoppable. So I want to tell you about the 10K in 10 days challenge in The Club.

During the month of June, yes, in just a week or so, my team and I are taking our clients through the 10K in 10 Days Challenge together. We do this every year, once a year, and it's always incredible. We structure this challenge so that you have access to coaching support, sales strategy, offer strategy, marketing and mindset resources to help you achieve your goals, and the momentum of a focused, energized community working towards the goal of making significant sums of money over a 10 day period.

So I want to tell you what this looks like, right? Here's how we structure the challenge in The Club. Week one, coaching sessions and classes to help you determine what your offer is. If you're still feeling like I don't know what my offer is, we're going to coach you. And I'm telling you, there's nobody in here who don't got an offer in them, all right? You have it and we will help you identify it.

We also do coaching in the first week to overcome limiting money beliefs, because that's such a big part of it. As we get ready to put ourselves out there and ask for money and ask people to buy our stuff and try different ways to earn money, we get shook, right? And so we have mindset coaching to help you get past that.

And then in weeks two and three, that is the 10 day period, right? The 10 days begins. We cheer you on, we give you sales tips, we help you overcome any challenges you're experiencing and hold you accountable to your goal, okay? And then in week four, we celebrate your success. We give out tons of prizes and highlight the strategies that worked best for all. So everybody learns from those who had the most success right?

So this is your chance to earn life changing money in just 10 days, right? 30 days of coaching, hype and nonstop support cheering you on, you can test a new idea, land a dream client, launch that offer you've been tinkering with for way too long and just finally give yourself the gift of decisive action, right? So I want to invite you to do the challenge with us.

So during our last 10K in 10 Days Challenge, how much money do you think we earned together during the last 10K In 10 Days Challenge in The Club? And if you're a Schmillie, which is what we call our club members, you're not allowed to answer. Somebody said 1.5 million, 2 million, 550,000, 1 million. I'm seeing lots of numbers. Okay, 40 million. Listen, that sounds, a billion, hilarious. I love it. Okay, so I'll give you a second. Somebody said 45,000, come on now, you know we doing better than that.

Okay, so here's how much we earned. We earned $3.5 million as a community in 10 days. Literally 10 days, 3.5 million. And I want to say, not every single person in The Club participated, right? So this was a couple hundred people that earned this amount of money.

I'm telling you, and the reason I found out is because we do this after action survey, we asked everybody how they did. And I told my assistant, I said, “Hey, just add this up and just tell us. Like I'm just curious how much we all made.” And she told me that number, I about fell out of my chair, okay?

These are the kinds of results that our club members are getting. This is a club membership that pays for itself many times over. If you join us in the club today, you'll make back to the cost of your membership and then some in June doing the 10K in 10 Days Challenge, like both Sarah and Fila did.

Both Fila and Sarah earned back their investment in the club shortly after joining. Fila said, “I joined the club on October 22nd, paid for my 12 month membership and full and made back more than double my investment in less than 30 days of being here with the 10K in 10 Days Challenge.” Okay?

She collected $6,500 cash in hand in those 10 days and she has recurring payments set up to complete remaining balances. Okay, listen, and this was two years ago. Don't you know that this challenge has gotten better and better since then.

We also have Sarah who is a solid H1, and in Club lingo that means somebody who is just starting out. So Sarah was making either zero to $25,000 max, right? So she was where I was at when I first started my business.

So she got her first sale this year and the money started trickling in, but she was also paying business expenses. And she found out that she was able to pay herself back, including her investment in The Club because that income was adding up, okay?

So these are real stories from real clients who have accomplished these goals. And you can too, okay? This is Chelsi, who is somebody who was very skeptical. Listen, I have clients who are skeptical about the 10K in 10 Days Challenge. She made a big goal and then she made like a little goal to keep herself safe, right? But she pushed forward even though she was having self-doubt, right?

And that community will really help you to do it. She took action anyway, even though she may not have believed this big goal was possible for her. And what did that action lead to? Money rolling in. And that money led to hope, right? Which led to taking even more action and making even more money. So she hit her ultimate goal, like her big goal, not just the small one.

These are two other clients. Tonya said, “10K was a hurdle I saw way off in the future, like I had to master something for it to happen. But lo and behold, it was the Pony Post.” For those of you who are unfamiliar, we have something in The Club, it's a resource called the Pony Post, which will teach you how to use social media marketing. And it is literally one post that will bring in money. And it has worked for hundreds if not thousands of our clients, it's like unbelievable.

So Tanya felt like this 10K milestone was not going to be possible for her, but she used the Pony Post, she got resourceful, right, used the resources in The Club and she was able to transform herself from a struggling librarian to a glowing spiritual entrepreneur that she wanted to become right.

So you don't have to be a master, right? You don't have to have so much experience. You have something to offer and we will help you figure it out. And then we also have Angela who is an OG Schmillie, she's been with us in The Club for a couple of years. She had two days left in the challenge and was not even halfway to her goal and she was feeling very discouraged.

But did she give up no, right? She got resourceful, she switched up her strategy and she wound up ending the challenge with $20,000 in cash. It is literally unbelievable. So ask yourself, Where are my opportunities to make money right now?

There's an opportunity for cash within your reach right now. And the 10K in 10 Days Challenge is just the push you need to capitalize on it, okay? So join the challenge and get access to a bank of proven resources, scripts, email templates. We have a whole training called the 10K and 10 Days Module in The Club that you will get access to that walks you through exactly how to do everything.

You get a big workbook that walks you how to do it and gives you all these scripts and all these resources. We have business and mindset coaching every day of the challenge, so there is not one day that you will not have somebody out here supporting you, okay? And then. of course, you get a support squad of over 2500 diverse business owners like Lilly, right?

She said, “For the first time I claimed publicly that I'm really good at what I do,” right? That confidence attracted way more people to her and her business. And this is what we all need to do, we have to claim it, right? As I said earlier, I give you my put some respect on it slide, right? When I first created that, was I feeling a little sheepish? Yes, but we got to own it, right?

We have to own our capabilities, we have to counteract the messages that we're getting out in the world every day, right? And we have to build that confidence up and put ourselves out there. And this challenge is an opportunity for you to do that, to step into trusting yourself more, to step into your badassery, to claim your power, okay?

So it's also a space for encouragement, right? That's what Nayla said, “We're not just doing work together, we're doing life together. And that's what I love about this community.” Right? She definitely made the money, which is amazing, but she loves the community and the camaraderie in the community as well. Okay?

So It's giveaway time, who's ready? So I'm going to give away two 12 month memberships to my coaching and training program called We Should All Be Millionaires, The Club, all right? So we're about to give away two of these memberships, which means these two folks will be joining us for the 10K in 10 Days Challenge that we'll do together in June.

All right, so I am very excited, and please forgive me if I mispronounce your name. But I have Shalei Sims. Shalei Sims is one of our winners for the 10K in 10 Days Challenge. It’s S-H-A-L-E-I. If I'm saying it wrong, please forgive me. And then we have another winner.

Congratulations to Shalei, I'm so excited for you. Okay, my team will reach out to you to make sure you get access to what you need. And maybe they'll send you a private message in the chat. All right, and then we also have Kiana Saxton. Kiana Saxton is our second winner, you have won a 12 month membership in The Club.

So yay and congratulations to Shalei and Kiana. I'm so excited for y'all, this is going to be amazing. What a start to a fabulous journey. Yay!

Okay, so now let's talk about how you can participate in the 10K in 10 Days Challenge if you didn't win, all right? And trust me, I have some additional exciting surprises, so stay with me, particularly around access to capital. So I'm about to tell you how I'm going to give you access to capital, okay? So stay with me.

All right, so I'm very excited for these two to join us in The Club. So how can you participate in this next 10K in 10 Days Challenge? All you have to do is join The Club, right? You get to meet incredible people, you get access to world class coaching, you get access to quality training including 30 offer ideas, sales training, marketing strategies, and more. It's got everything you need in one place. And it's tax deductible, which we love.

So The Club doors are open, all right? We Should All Be Millionaires, The Club is currently open. We usually don't open the doors all the time, but they're open right now. And here's why you should do this right in this very moment, like right now, before this presentation is over.

When you join, in addition to the 10K in 10 Days Challenge in June, you will increase your income by a minimum of 30% within the next 12 months. You will be shown, most of our clients do more than that, I have to be honest. You will be shown a realistic path to become a millionaire with a step by step process of exactly how to do it. And I'm about to talk to you about what that looks like.

You will feel powerful, financially powerful, emotionally powerful, strong, and proud of yourself, right? And you will be surrounded by badass, diverse, ambitious entrepreneurs and all the golden money dust will rub off on you in an inclusive environment, all right?

So let me tell you a little bit more about how this works. First and foremost, we provide you with education, right? And this is not some white guy club, okay? There's no trust fund silver spoon in your mouth education. So we're not going to tell you to go get a business loan or expect you to do things that are like unrealistic, right?

This is a collection of everything I've learned over the last decade of growing my business and working with thousands of other people growing their business and wealth, and the exact strategies, tools and techniques I use to grow this business to $10 million.

So your membership comes with a beautiful membership site that's filled with educational content to help you heal and strengthen your money mindset, establish legal foundations for your company, hire your team, upgrade your marketing and sales tactics, build your power offer, create your systems. And as a result of all of that grow your revenue.

So let's talk about just some of the resources available to you in the member site. And this is on top of the 10K in 10 Days Challenge, right? So we have the Growth Scale Course, which is a step by step course that shows you the right steps to take at the right time to grow your business.

So if you are at the beginning of your journey and just making your first set of money, or if you're further along and almost at seven figures, you will get training that is specific to where you are exactly at. It prevents shiny object syndrome, it prevents you feeling lost, it gives you that step by step path. And this is just like a graphic so you can see what it looks like right?

There are seven modules. In module one, if you're in that zero to $25,000 range, right? So if you haven't made your first dollar yet, you're going to go through module one and learn exactly what to do. And what we're teaching you how to do is based on data, research that my company has done and also research from the clients that we've worked with for over 10 years. So we're not pulling this out of our ass, this is an actual step by step that works.

And then if you're in Budding, Busy Bee, Breadwinner, Boss, Badass, Baller, no matter which level you are at, it's going to give you the step by step of what you need to do. Okay, so the Growth Scale Course includes over 150 on demand video lessons, a complete growth scale guide and specific resources to help you implement the strategic action steps you need to take to accelerate your business growth.

Okay, so worksheets, workbooks, video lessons, calculators, templates, you name it, right? It's all included. And you can feel confident because you will check off each item on your graduation checklist and scale from one level to the next.

The Growth Scale Course is all about preparing you for long-term growth. So the 10K in 10 Days Challenge is a shot in the arm, right? It's going to get you going, it's going to get some initial cash going. And then you're going to take what you learned from that experience and you're going to build out a sustainable business that can be making you money long-term, whether it's a side hustle or whether you want to become a full-time entrepreneur.

We have lots of side hustlers in our program. We actually have a side hustler who's making $250,000 a year while working a full time job. I mean, she is killing it, okay? And she looks unstressed and unbothered.

So here's some folks from the club who have talked about how much the Growth Scale has helped them, okay? “By breaking it all down into manageable, easy to follow steps I can take each part as I need to. My empire starts here with the Growth Scale.” That's Leah.

Camille says, “The thing I love about the Growth Scale is the preciseness of it. I don't have to worry about spinning out in overwhelm as long as I stick to the tasks outlined in my level, it's absolutely genius.”

And Marian says, “The value I've gotten from the Growth Scale program alone is worth even more than what I paid for the whole membership. I feel so supported knowing that this blueprint exists.”

Okay, so We Should All Be Millionaires the course is another training program that we have, right? This is all about leveling up, bossing up, and getting your money up, right? And I know that that's something that you want to do. So you might have read the book, but now it's time for you to take the course, right?

This is the companion course that's going to give you templates, and worksheets, and video lessons to help you take action on some of the things that you learned in the book and beyond. So deep self-evaluation questions, thought work and affirmations to get to the root of your money issues, systems to track your finances, and audit to evaluate your environment. These are the exact action steps and mindset shifts I had to develop to become a millionaire.

So we set you on the path for success. We're not just going to throw you a bunch of content, you're going to go in order, right? So when you join The Club you're going to first watch an orientation video. You're going to complete We Should All Be Millionaires the course. And then step three, you're going to find your level on the Growth Scale and start completing the Growth Scale course, right? So you are going to do those three things in that order and that's the way that it works.

So you also get access to community, right? We talked about how important community is. 95% of your success or failure in life is dependent on who you are spending time with. So you need people in your life who are abundant mindset, right? Like who are working towards their own ambitious goals. You want to be surrounded by people who are after it, right?

Just look at the chat, right? The community that we have right here on this webinar is exceptional, and you'll get to experience that every day. So we have a We Should All Be Millionaires private Facebook group where you get to network and troubleshoot with driven focused entrepreneurs like you, right? You can stay up to date with all The Club announcements, answer questions from our coaches and from other schmillies in the group, okay?

You get to also mastermind with people who are your peers. So if you're an H1, you can mastermind with other H1s at the beginner stage. If you're further along and you're already making a million dollars, you can mastermind with other entrepreneurs making a million dollars, right? So having that opportunity to be with your peers is super powerful and so incredibly important.

Our schmillies are supporting each other, they're hiring each other, they're recommending each other’s services, they're networking, it's a beautiful thing. We also have the Hello Seven member directory. So you get to see all of the members of our community, where they're located, the industry, their profession.

And so our Schmillies are getting together in person. If you're in Atlanta, you can search Atlanta and find the other schmillies in Atlanta and say, “Hey, do y’all want to meet up for lunch or brunch or something?” So it's a really beautiful thing and it's a great resource. When you need to hire somebody, you're like, hey, I need a branding expert, you can go into the membership directory and search for that branding expert and hire a fellow schmillie.

We also have the monthly schmillie social hour, right, where we bring non-work opportunities to The Club. Where you get to just hang out and find those business besties, right? Find those folks that you really enjoy. You make new friends in the community.

And then, of course, you also have coaching because education and community are super important, but we also want coaching. We want to push you past your limiting beliefs. So you will have opportunities to be coached by Hello Seven’s expert coaching squad every single week, okay?

We do calls that are specific to the level that you are at in your business, again, so if you're a Hello 1 you can get to do calls with the other Hello one1s. If you're a Hello 5 and you're making 500,000 or more, you can get on calls that are specific to you and marketing strategies at 500K, right? Or business strategies at $100,000, if that's where you're at.

So I really appreciate how custom it is and you're not going to be on calls that are not relevant to you. These are our coaches and we actually have a couple more that we recently hired. They are amazing, they are very experienced. They are trained on the Growth Scale, and they are here to help you and support you.

So The Club has something for everybody, right? Whether you're a self-paced coursework type of person, or if you're looking to network, or you want to do live events. We have a live conference coming up in January only open to schmillies, that's going to be happening in Puerto Rico.

So whatever your strengths are, we have resources for you that will help you accomplish your goals. So here is the link if you want to join The Club, it's

Now, before I tell you anything else, I want to tell you something really, really exciting. I mentioned access to capital, so let's talk about what that looks like. All right, so you get access to all of these resources that I mentioned. And honestly, there's more I just can't keep y'all on this webinar forever. There is so many resources and so many different pieces to this that enable you to accomplish your goals.

But here's the really exciting thing, for literal years folks have asked us to offer financing. And we have been looking for a financing option for our clients. And we didn't have it until now. I am so excited to announce that we've officially partnered with Wise Bank, which is an amazing company that I'm going to tell you about in a second, to give you the flexibility to pay for your club membership at your own pace.

So you don't actually have to pay in full, you have the option to pay in full or you can get a payment plan that works for you. And you get to choose what that payment plan is. Wise Bank has Black women investors and it is committed to providing access to high quality education at no additional cost to you.

This payment plan will charge you zero interest, there are no fees, there are not even any late fees, okay? So you can choose a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month payment plan, and all of this is right on our website. It will take you two minutes to apply.

Yes, people are saying, amazing, wow, this is so incredible. It really is, it just makes me so happy to have this opportunity to offer this to y'all. So you can use Wise Bank to easily split your annual membership into monthly payments with no interest added, no hidden fees.

In fact, Hello Seven has committed to absorbing any fees, so you don't have to worry about them. We got you. So we're making it easy because we want you to win, right? We want you to be able to do this. So there are payment plans available for as low as 249, no, I think it's 249 a month.

So it's available for you if you are based in the US or Canada, okay? So if you're a resident of US or Canada, that's the option for you where you can choose your payment plan. And if you go to the sales page,, you can click the link for payment plan and you can apply right now. And literally it will take you two minutes. It's also a soft credit pull in the US, so it's not going to even affect your credit, okay? So literally, there's like no reason not to do it.

If you are outside of the US or Canada, we also have a payment plan available for you. It's listed on the sales page, so that's available to you. And you could also pay in full, right? That's also an option.

So here's a couple more testimonials that I'm going to go through really quickly. This is Elizabeth who says, “Oh my gosh, my business has exploded since joining The Club. When I joined The Club, I was scattered and trying to get my business off the ground. After Worthy,” which is one of our money mindset courses, “and listening to Rachel’s stories and other successful women I streamlined my focus. My family sees more of me. I feel like I am more of me and professionally I am thriving in my zone of genius as I share my expertise in online safety.” Yes, Elizabeth, we love it.

Okay. And then, here's Jillie Johnston, “I have grown from three to $5,000 months to nine to $12,000 months in a year. I have set boundaries, made million dollar decisions, and had more freedom and space than ever before. And now I am debt free and had my first six figure year.” Okay? Absolutely amazing.

Okay, and so, Mariangelica says, “This has got to be the most value packed, actionable, and to the point program I have ever laid eyes on. Talk about a blueprint to get to my seven figure business goals. Since joining The Club in 2021 my business, which clocked in at about $30,000 the previous year, has already hit the $130,000 mark.” She made $100,000 more. “And I'm trending to close the year at just about $200,000.” Absolutely unbelievable. I love it.

Okay, one more. Lauren is a writing coach. She actually did the 10K in 10 Days Challenge in July 2021. And she was really stressed about her business, but she did it and she wound up making, by day 3, $10,000. And then six months later, the offer that she created during the 10K in 10 Days Challenge actually generated $81,000 in revenue for Lauren's business, okay? She was actually featured on a Good Morning America feature that we had recently. So I'm super, super excited about this.

All right, so Nicole quit her job in six months after joining The Club. Oh my gosh, she's one of our most beloved Schmillies. Julie was stuck at 10K months in her business for years and is now holding steady at $25,000 a month after just 10 months in The Club.

This is why we asked you to join for 12 months, because we know you're going to be able to make a massive difference in that 12 month period. And we're also giving you the financing to make it easy for you to do it, okay?

Susan here raised her prices, redefined the way she works and set boundaries and figured out what she wants her business to look like. She said, “Never in my life have I ever made six figures, let alone actually not live paycheck to paycheck. Between the community, the courses, the coaches and everything else in between inside The Club, I'm grateful to be surrounded by all of these badass people who know what they want and who are unapologetic about it.”

Okay, so we got bonuses for y'all. Remember the bonuses, don't forget. So let's talk bonuses. If you join now during this webinar, before this webinar is over, remember I told you you're going to get this fast action bonus. So for free you're going to get instant access to Million Dollar Scripts, which is our mega bundle of 15 scripts to help you ask for what you want and get it. From pitching your million dollar idea to your dream client, to negotiating your prices and finally getting paid what you deserve, right?

There's a script for 15 different tongue tying, nerve wracking situations. And it'll make it easier to navigate if someone would just tell you exactly what to say, right? So now you have the scripts for reaching out to someone who has never hired you before and asking them to hire you. A script for conducting a sales call with a potential client. A script to negotiate for a salary increase at your job. If you want a salary increase at your job, there's a script for that.

There's also a script for discussing division of household labor with your partner or spouse. And tons of other very useful scripts too, all right? So these scripts will save you time, lower your stress levels, make your skin glow, and definitely help you stack up that coin.

And remember our testimonials that we mentioned earlier, these scripts will make you money, okay? So if you want to join The Club, join right now so that you can get those scripts. These scripts expire at the end of this webinar.

Okay, and that other bonus I mentioned, if you choose to join The Club before the end of this class you are going to get this free swag, right? So you get your very own piece of Hello Seven swag. When you log into The Club membership site there's going to be a pop up so that you can give your size and we're going to send you a delightful piece of swag, okay? And I mean, I know you want this swag, okay?

And there's another bonus for acting now. So if you choose the pay in full option for The Club, you get to come to my Million Dollar Idea live event that I'm doing on August 24th, for free. This event is here in Greensboro, you can also join virtually if you want to, right? So it's a hybrid event where you can be in person with us, or you could be online with us.

We just did this a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing. We loved it so much, we're going to do it again. And you get a free ticket when you choose the pay in full option. So you get to come to this event for free, okay? You get to hang out with us and you get to learn how to create your million dollar idea and turn it into your long-term offer.

It's a luxe, life changing live and in person experience for entrepreneurs, change makers, game changers, folks who want to figure out how to make more money, right? So you'll learn how to find, refine, and scale the one idea that will take your business to seven figures and beyond.

And here are a couple of testimonials from that event that we just did. I mean people were in love. We had our DJ there, my bestie was there, the Hello Seven coaches were there. And we got so much done and we got challenged and we grew together. We took pictures and we ate cake and it was super fun. Yes, we got busy.

Okay, so to recap in The Club you get direct access to our educational success path and quarterly meetings with me. So I do a quarterly session in The Club. You're going to get access to the Hello Seven team every single week, okay? This is a tiny fraction of what it will cost to get me to show up anywhere, okay? This price is unfreaking believable, all right?

So you get coached by some of the top minds in the industry, right? Our coaching team is incredible. They are the creme de la creme and they are specialists from diverse backgrounds. You get access to our Growth Scale Course. That alone, like literally we could just sell the Growth Scale Course for what we're selling for 12 months of coaching and training with us.

You get access to We Should All Be Millionaires The Course, the companion course to my book which will help you lay the foundation for your million dollar empire. You get mindset training, systems for automating your marketing efforts, and you get 300 to 500 new leads every month, right? These are strategies that we're teaching you how to get at least three to 500 new leads so that you have people to sell your services to. 

You get to hang with ambitious bosses, leaders, and millionaires in the making. You learn how to make million dollar decisions instead of broke ass decisions, we talk about that every day. And you won't be the only anything in this room, which is actually unprecedented in a business program.

This is the thing that I am most proud of, that you won't be the only woman, you won't be the only black person, the only queer person, the only non-binary person, the only person with a disability. In The Club all identities are represented, seen, protected, and respected.

Okay, so this is what it costs to join The Club, you can choose the pay in full option, which you get everything that we've talked about, plus you get that ticket to our schmillie only event, Million Dollar Idea, which is happening in person in August, or you can join virtually. So you get to come for free if you choose to pay in full at $2,995.

And when you pay in full, you are paying for the entire year. This is a steal y'all. I cannot express it enough. I can't tell you how many times we've thought about, and we actually did raise our prices a couple of months ago. And we decided to bring it back down because we just felt like we wanted to make sure that we could serve the people that we are most excited and passionate about serving and because we can, right? We can afford to do that based on the company that we are today.

And you could also do a payment plan. As we said, through Wise Bank we're offering financing. So you can have payments as low as $249 a month over the course of 12 months, or you can choose three months, or six months, or nine months if you want to.

So those are your options, you can go to to get all the details, read more testimonials, see everything that we're talking about and everything that we're offering. This webinars about to end, so don't forget, if you want that swag and if you want those million dollar request scripts you're going to need to join before this webinar is over, which will be in just a minute.

Okay, and I want you to know that a portion of your club dues goes to the brand new Hello Seven Foundation. We started this last year, giving back is a very exciting part of what happens when you build wealth, right? When you have money, you have money to solve problems. And so our mission at the Hello Seven Foundation is to provide funding for life changing life saving services for Black mothers and Black birthing people, right? Including doulas, night nurses, and childcare.

So we want to support Black birthing people at their most vulnerable moment, when they need the most support, right? Because as a country we are failing Black people in every way possible, right? Black women are three to five times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women. Did you know that? More than 60% of these deaths are preventable, okay?

So this is a major issue that we want to help solve and so we are doing it through the Hello Seven Foundation. So just know that if you decide to join The Club, you are also contributing to the Hello Seven Foundation and to helping Black mothers. Every single bit of the donation goes directly to the folks that we serve, okay?

So, today I promised you I would teach you how to make 10K in 10 days, right? To build the skill of making quick money in your business, in your life. I told you about how you need belief, you need BHAGs, you got to figure out what your offer is, and you need a squad, right? These tools are the ones that will make you money over and over again, all right? So what's your action plan?

We covered a lot in this masterclass, you've got extra room in your workbook to work on your own mindset and commit to the steps you need to take. Step one, get that belief, right? Step two, decide your amount as a BHAG. Decide what you're going to offer. Decide when you're going to offer it, right? Decide what your reward is going to be. And then get your cheering squad or come do this with us in The Club. I want you to do that.

So join The Club, enrollment is open now but it is going to close soon. So go to to get all of the details. And I just want to say thank you. Thank you for hanging out with us. I hope this event has gotten you inspired and fired up. I don't want you to lose that momentum, right? Keep that momentum going by joining The Club so that we can work with you for several months, or a year, or more and get you closer and closer to having a millie in the bank. I promise you it is possible and I can't wait to see you in The Club.

Super, super pumped for you all. Thank you so much for spending your time with me. I'm so excited to see all the folks sharing that they joined, the ones that are taking a deep breath and saying, “I'm doing it.” Listen, I see you, I was you, okay? And I'm still you today I still challenge myself in the same way. And it's definitely scary, but we got this and we can do it.

So everybody who joined during this webinar, you're going to get those bonuses, you're going to get the swag, and you're going to get the million dollar request scripts. And we are so excited to continue the conversation. We love you guys, thank you so much for joining us. I'm going to turn my video on to say bye.

Bye, y'all. Thank you for spending time with us. Y'all are amazing. I'll stop my share, I lost my screen there. There we go. All right, y'all, you have a great, amazing day and go out there and kick butt and you know where to find us, If you want to join us and you want us to be your support squad, we are ready for you, okay? All right. Bye, y'all.

How come you’re not a millionaire yet? What is standing in between you and having seven figures in the bank? Well, a lot of things might be getting in the way. Maybe you need to work on your mindset. Maybe you’re trying to build a business but you honestly have no clue what you’re doing. Maybe you don’t have the right support network or you never go a basic financial education.

You’re leaving easy money on the table and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Whatever is standing in between you and having more money, I want to help you clear those blocks out of the way. So here’s what you need to do, go to and join The Club. Once you join The Club you get education, you get coaching, you get a community, you get everything you need to remove those roadblocks and start making more money today.

If you feel like you’re not earning as much money as you could, then you need to join The Club, go to and join us. That is

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