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What if You Took Your Goals Seriously?

075 What if You Took Your Goals Seriously?

Are you taking your goals seriously? You might think you are, but trust me here, if you’re not seeing the results you want, the chances are you’re not taking your goals seriously enough. I found this on my own journey, and the changes that I’ve seen since I made this commitment to myself have been staggering.

Today’s episode is all about the magic that happens when you decide to take your goals seriously, that powerful moment when you shift from amateur to pro, when your energy shifts from being in a wanting place to being fully committed, when you decide to lean all the way in.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how to start taking your goals seriously. I’m sharing a story from my business about what happens when you start taking your goals seriously, why focusing on a backup plan is just planning to fail, and what this shift is going to require of you, whatever that goal is for you.

Is making more money one of your goals this year? Then it’s time to take this goal seriously. This means giving yourself the structure and support and coaching that you need to really make it happen. And the best way to do that is by joining We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What is possible when you take your goals seriously.
  • Why you will always get out of something what you put into it.
  • The difference you feel when you apply yourself fully to a goal.
  • How I know the power of taking your goals seriously firsthand.
  • What is required of you mentally to start really taking your goals seriously.
  • How to start approaching your goals like the elite badass that you are.

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Do you take your goals seriously? Really though, do you? Today’s episode is all about the magic that happens when you decide to take your goals seriously, that powerful moment when you shift from amateur to pro, when you shift from, “Maybe, kind of, sort of,” type energy to full commitment. When you decide to lean all the way in.

I have a beautiful story to tell you and some good questions for you to think about.

Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother of four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

To start things off, I’ve got a story for you. Last year, I decided that it was time to redesign my company website. The whole vibe was pretty outdated. We were long overdue for a fresh look. And I never had actually completed the former website. I had just gotten it up quick. It was the minimum viable website that we could get up and we never got around to turning it into a fully fleshed out beautiful brand. And so, it was time.

So, my team and I started having discussions about the new site, the new brand, the message we wanted to impart. And I felt really strongly that we needed to have a powerful image on the homepage of the new site.

I wanted the homepage to send a big message. I wanted a photo depicting women of color, diverse women, all ages, all kinds of beautiful body types, all kinds of identities, all together in a powerful pose on the homepage, thinking Vanity Fair quality.

Now, of course, we could have purchased a couple of stock photography images and we could have put together a homepage that way. But I was like, “Nope, I don’t want to use stock photos. I don’t want to be half-assed about this. I want to be full-assed. I want to use my entire ass and put my entire foot in this project.”

I wanted to create an original photo, one of a kind, a work of art, something that was impossible to replicate. And I knew this would require a lot more effort, but I knew it would be worth it and really make a powerful statement when people landed on the homepage of

And in the end, altogether, it took a team of 30 people, including photographers, stylists, hair and makeup, lighting, catering, crew, professional models, friends, family, colleagues, and a COVID-19 safety compliance officer in order to pull it off.

I wanted to do the photoshoot safely and I wanted to do it at the highest level, Vogue magazine quality, New York Times quality, crème de la crème. I wanted to do this right.

It was a full day photoshoot and, truly, it was a lifechanging experience. I’ve done plenty of photoshoots but never something like this. In the past, usually it’s just been me and a photographer and we’ve been running round trying to nail a couple of good shots and trying to find our light and I’m munching a sandwich in the corner while they set up the next shot and trying not to sweat through my top. Not the most glam experience.

But this time, it was a whole new world. This time, I had a stylist pulling outfits for me, a makeup artist doing touchups, a photographer and numerous assistants buzzing around and creating different looks and scenes. This was my first experience doing a pro-level magazine-quality photoshoot. And it was so inspiring to watch the whole crew work together to create this work of art.

We made a video documenting the project and showing how we pulled it off while adhering to strict COVID-19 safety guidelines. It’s pretty amazing to watch the behind-the-scenes magic. You can find that video on our website and social media channels if you’re curious to check it out.

So, this photoshoot was a huge investment of time, energy, money, hope, faith, love, and it was totally worth the investment. We walked away from that photoshoot not only with a gorgeous photo for the homepage of the new site, but also many new photos for our social media channels, for our media kit, photos for my upcoming book launch, and more. We’ve got photos for the next year and beyond.

I put a lot into this photoshoot and I got out what I put in. I think one of my favorite moments from that photoshoot was when all of the models, so diverse in age and body type and identity, walked in and all started to get photographed and me talking to the photographer and really directing aspects of the shoot. I felt like Beyoncé. And I was like, “Oh, this is like a new level of creativity and a new level of bringing something to life and creating a project.” It was really beautiful and just super-fun and I felt like a boss.

All throughout this epic photoshoot experience I kept thinking, “Okay, I get it, this is what it feels like to take your goals seriously.” My website, my book, my company, my mission, my ranch, I’m taking these projects seriously, going all in.

When you really take your vision seriously, it feels different. Going into work feels different. Leading meetings feels different. The videos, the photos, everything you produce feels different. Everything becomes heightened. And I want to be clear when I say, take your goals seriously.

This doesn’t necessarily mean hire 30 people to do an expensive New York photoshoot, right? Taking your goals seriously might require a financial investment, or it might not. It’s not necessarily about spending money. It could be an investment of time or energy or just commitment and creativity and courage rather than cash.

If your goal is to launch a side business and start generating more money, taking your goals seriously might mean you claim an area of the house that is yours; your setup, your specific workspace. You put your stake in the ground, you claim your space, you set it up exactly the way you want it and you let people know, “Hey, from 2pm to 5pm daily I’m going to be here in my office working on my business and building my empire, do not disturb.”

If your goal is to become a long-distance swimmer, taking your goal seriously might mean you watch YouTube videos to learn swimming techniques. You invest in a pair of goggles and fins. You commit to a training schedule. You join a local swimming team that meets every week. You start creating a new identity for yourself. You are an athlete. You are dedicated. You are doing this for real. You dive in and you go deep, literally.

My friend’s mom is doing this right now. She’s in her late 60s and she’s now swimming a mile every day. She is doing this for pleasure, not as a career. But nonetheless, she is taking her goal seriously, which is truly badass.

When I got a book deal about a year ago, I decided to take my book very seriously. I booked myself a trip out of town, away from my family so I could work on the book for a week in solitude without any distractions. I hired a writing coach. I created a writing schedule. I put writing appointments into my calendar. I blocked that time and protected it from anyone trying to book an appointment on those days. I decided to behave as if I’m writing a New York Times Bestseller.

If I intend for this book to change lives and be a massive success, how do I need to behave? How would a number one bestselling author behave as they’re approaching writing their book? What kind of writing routine would they have? Well, then that’s what I am going to do because that’s the level that I want to produce on.

Taking your goals seriously means you plan to win instead of planning to fail. You plan to have a million-dollar business. You plan to have a bestselling book. You plan to have a website with 100,00 visitors every day. Instead of taking one teeny tiny timid mousy step forward while making 10 backup plans just in case you fail, you plan to actually win.

There’s this guy named Stan Beecham. He’s a sports psychologist who spent his career working with elite athletes, Olympians and national title winners, the best of the best. And Beecham tells his clients, “You have to expect to win.”

As you are creating your training plan for that big soccer game or marathon or swim meet, you have to expect to win. Prepare accordingly. Train accordingly. Walk into the competition with that attitude of, “I am here to win and I have got this.”

In Beecham’s book, which is titles Elite Minds, he writes, “In order to do your best, you must expect to win. Everyone wants to win, but only very few expect to win.” In his book, he also writes about the danger of creating a backup plan. He says, “When we create a plan B, it’s a great way to sabotage yourself. Anyone with a plan B is not totally committed to the plan A. They are hedging their bets. People with a plan B are planning to fail, they just don’t know it yet. Kill plan B or it will kill you.”

Okay, I know that may sound dramatic, but he makes a good point. Think about your life and your career, your money, your revenue streams, your financial goals, are you fully committed to plan A? Or is 20% of your energy focused on plan A and the other 80% is divided between several different plan Bs just in case the first thing doesn’t work out? That is not what expecting to win looks like. That is expecting to fail.

Think about your top goals for 2021. Are you taking your goals seriously? Are you approaching your goals like a pro, or like an amateur? Do you have a workspace? Do you have a schedule? Do you have a support network? Have you announced your goal to the people in your inner circle? Do you have accountability to keep you on track? Are you investing something into this goal, whether it’s time, energy, courage, creativity, or money?

If you were already a bestselling author or elite athlete, or millionaire badass CEO, how would you approach this goal? That’s the approach that you need to take right now.

And so, what does taking your goal seriously mean to you? It can mean investing in a professional quality podcast microphone so you’ve got that NPR-level audio. It could mean renting a private office or workspace outside of your house. It could mean upgrading your nutrition or your self-care or your wardrobe or something else to help you to show up and be ready to perform.

What would happen if you really took yourself seriously, if you planned and expected to win? Right now, one of my top goals in my personal life is to become an incredible equestrian. I need to learn how to ride a horse and to do it excellently.

And so, I am hosting a clinic here at the ranch and I’m going to learn more about horsemanship and the biomechanics of horses. I’m diving deep. I’m reading books about it. I invested in buying horses. I’ve now hired a barn manager to help me who’s going to do lessons with me regularly. I am going all in on this goal and really committing.

And I will be honest; becoming an equestrian is pretty expensive. Horses are expensive. So is all of the tack, including – that’s referring to the things that you need to ride, like your saddle and other elements required to ride a horse. Lessons are – you know, they’re not super-expensive, but they’re not cheap and you need a lot of them. So, this is an expensive thing.

Another one of my goals right now is the ranch. I am running this ranch and working on turning the Rodgers Ranch into a profitable business. If you want to follow along on that journey, you can follow me on Instagram @therodgersranch.

And one of the things we’re doing this year is we’re planting a plot of land her eon the property and going to grow crops. And I’m hiring a farm consultant to help with that because I’m reading books and I’m learning about it, but I know I need help, I need mentorship, and I know I’m going to need some assistance as I figure this out.

It also means I’m going to have to invest in some tools like potentially a tractor and really focus my time and my money and my energy and really commit. And I have to admit, there are times where I waver a little bit, where I’m like, “Can I really do this?”

You have that fear of being a beginner, no matter what you’re starting. And I have the benefit of having completed law school, and I was a beginner once with that and then I became expert enough to graduate. And then starting my business for the first time, there was a lot of fear there. And now, I’m an expert on that and it’s not as scary anymore.

But the ranch, that’s a whole new ballgame. I’ve never owned land like this before and I’ve never known really how to monetize it, how to grow crops, or really anything. I’m learning what it takes to be a caretaker of this type of property and how to use it to create opportunity for myself and for others, especially people of color.

So, it’s a journey. And I have to recommit every day. So, even when my courage wavers a little bit, I educate myself and give myself breaks and then I recommit. And that’s what that process looks like. It looks like really committing and making it happen. It’s the same thing with my book this year.

My book, We Should All Be Millionaires comes out on May 4th. We hosted an incredible event called Plan Your Year Like a Millionaire and had over 700 people register. And we’ve sold thousands and thousands of books already and we will continue to keep that same energy up, right?

We are focused on turning this book into a bestseller. We want to see it in the hands of as many people as possible and so we are fully committing to what that looks like. And sometimes, that looks like running ads and not being certain what the return is because you just need to spread awareness.

It means hosting an event months before the book even comes out, which people told me, “Don’t do that. You don’t want to market too early.” I got all kinds of feedback on what it takes to have a bestselling book. And I had to use my own instincts and use my skills and abilities and commit and take a chance, right? And that’s what that looks like.

So, you’ve got to be willing to, one, be fully committed. Commit your time and your energy and your money and your resources to making that goal happen. And even when your courage wavers a little bit, you have to recommit and you’ve got to follow your instincts and plan and just go all in. When you have a goal that really matters to you, remind yourself, why does this matter? Remind yourself, why am I doing this? And then, go all in.

So, what about you? What are your top goals at home and at work? What’s your number one money goal for 2021? And how could you take your goal seriously? What would that look like for you.

Okay, friends, we’re coming to the end of this episode. I hope you’re feeling inspired to take your goals seriously. Go all in. Fully commit to plan A instead of constantly hedging your bets and assuming you will fail. Take your goals seriously and let this commitment level be reflected in your workspace and clothing and schedule and how you carry yourself in the world.
If you take yourself seriously, others will take you more seriously too. You might not want to invest thousands of dollars into a fabulous photoshoot like I did. But there is something you can do to invest in your goals more fully.

It might be something that requires a financial investment or not. Often, it’s courage that we need to invest at first rather than capital. What’s the next move that you need to make? I’m telling you, there is something magical that happens when you decide to take your goals seriously, that moment when you make that decision, doors unlock, money comes in, there’s a shift in your mind and your body and your heart and your bank account.

You will feel it and you will reap the rewards. I will leave you with some wise words from powerful, successful Black women, women who take their goals very seriously. Angela Basset says, “Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.”

We need to live the best that’s in us, y’all. OMG, don’t you just want that tattooed on your arm? I want the poster and coffee mug and tote bag with that statement.

Viola Davis reminds us, “You can’t be hesitant about who you are.” I love that. No more timid, mousy, halfway commitment. No more hesitation. Be decisive and go all in. If you’re doing a photoshoot, do the damn thing and do it up and do it right.

If you are writing a book, pour your heart onto those pages and go all in. I got the advice one time to write as if no one else is going to read it. Write like you’re not afraid to be critiqued. And that helped so much as I was putting together my book.

And if you want to become a millionaire, go for it and take this goal seriously. Set aside time to work on this goal. Bring attention to this goal. Surround yourself with people who share this goal. Get educated on how to accomplish this goal. Take decisive steps forward.

The path to millionaire status is not paved with hesitation and timid steps and plan Bs. Take this goal seriously and plan to win.

One more thing before we say goodbye for now. Is making more money one of your goals this year? Oh yes, most definitely? Then it’s time to take this goal seriously. This means blocking out time to work on this goal and giving yourself the structure and support and coaching that you need to really make it happen.

Join We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club. Go to to enroll. That’s Whether you have a traditional job or you run your own business or you’re somewhere in between, we teach you practical ways to bring more money in the door.

We’re showing you how to build a sustainable business. No matter what industry you work in, you could be making a lot more money than you currently do. And we can show you how to make it happen. We want you to tap fully into your earning potential. Hang with us and you will make more money guaranteed. Go to to choose your membership level and join The Club. I will see you inside.

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