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Build Your Own Bailout

045 Build Your Own Bailout

Welcome to BYOB: Build Your Own Bailout. I’ve been in business for a decade, and if you plan on making it to the 10-year mark, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to make it through a recession. But if you’re willing to work at it, these times can actually…
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Now Is the Time

044 Now Is the Time

The registration deadline for my new membership program We Should All Be Millionaires is today, April 30th, so I want to talk with you all today about timing. Shameless plug, I know. But seriously, now is the time. This epic pause the world is on has given us so much…
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How to Manifest Massive Money

043 How to Manifest Massive Money

It is officially launch day for We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, so on the show today, I wanted to share with you the origin story for this program, which was born in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. And joining me in telling this story is my…
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How to Plan, Promote and Profit from a Virtual Event

042 How to Plan, Promote and Profit from a Virtual Event

I love an in-person event. The energy is electric and they are a big part of my business model, but they're not an option right now. And if your business depends on events like this to survive, you’re probably reeling from that. So, what I want to talk about with…
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Redefining Super-Women with Nicole Lapin

041 Redefining Super-Women with Nicole Lapin

When it comes to your business or career, I’m sure you’ve had those times where you’re killing it, making money, hitting your targets, feeling like nothing can stop you. But what about when you reach a big goal you’ve been working towards for a long time, you take a breath,…
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Million Dollar Responsiveness

040 Million Dollar Responsiveness

Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with two members of my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind – TaVona Denise Boggs and Lindsay Bryan-Podvin – about their experience of keeping their business moving over the past few weeks since the coronavirus began taking a serious toll on our economy, with small…
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