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067 Stop Wasting Money On This!

If there’s one thing that really aggravates me, it’s seeing my clients wasting their damn money. So today, I’m delivering a sermon for you about why you need to stop throwing money at things that really do not matter. The amount of money some people spend on things like getting…
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When You Think You've Tried Everything

066 When You Think You've Tried Everything

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve tried everything and it’s not working? You think you’ve taken every course, spoken to every consultant, read every book, but you still haven’t been able to accomplish your goals of finding clients, opening new doors, and generating revenues and you can’t figure out…
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Million Dollar Focus

065 Million Dollar Focus

You guys are in for a treat this week because I’m giving you a peek inside our October Million Dollar Focus retreat. Learning how to focus has never been more relevant, and it is key to your business success. So we spent this time diving into how to focus your…
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What Do You Want To Be Known For with Rae McDaniel

064 What Do You Want To Be Known For with Rae McDaniel

Today’s guest has no interest in doing business as usual, and that is just one of the many things I love about them. Rae McDaniel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Sex Therapist, and the Founder and CEO of Practical Audacity and GenderFck. As a Gender & Certified…
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Embracing the Hard

063 Embracing the Hard

We are now in October of 2020, and today, we’re talking about the reality of when things get hard. Here in the US, we are facing a collective 1.1 million workers who have dropped out of jobs, of which 80% are women. The coaches at Hello Seven are not here…
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Your Company Values Are EVERYTHING

062 Your Company Values Are EVERYTHING

What are your company values? Company values are often an afterthought for many entrepreneurs, and you have no idea how much this hurts your spirit and costs you money. When you’re hazy about what your company values are, your customers don’t have a clear idea of what you stand for,…
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Why Your Vote Matters

061 Why Your Vote Matters

Today’s episode is going to be a little bit different. But if you only listen to one episode of the Hello Seven podcast this year, make sure it’s this one because, today, we’re talking about something that directly impacts your health, your body, your family, your safety, and your income.…
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