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015 Stop Waiting for Perfect Conditions

Women often want to wait for the perfect conditions before making the next move. We want to wait until we're in perfect shape, or we have the “right” amount saved up, or we only want to hire help when we're 100% ready. I've got bad news for you: perfect conditions…
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013 Hustling, Activism, and Choosing Yourself with Rachel Cargle

For successful entrepreneurs who also care deeply about social issues, it can often feel like there's a contradiction between building personal wealth and achieving wider socioeconomic equality in society. The tension between these two things has become very familiar to today's guest, activist, speaker, and entrepreneur Rachel Cargle. Rachel Cargle…
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012 Improving Your Relationship with Money with Farnoosh Torabi

On last week's episode, I touched briefly on how difficult it can be for women entrepreneurs to access capital to start and run their businesses. There are a lot of other financial problems that often affect women, too, and not just women entrepreneurs. Lucky for us, today we're joined by…
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011 You Don't Need a White Man to Get Ahead

When I was in college, I took a course on women in leadership. In that class, we read a book with an entire chapter dedicated to the idea that all women in business needed to find white men to be our allies, open doors for us, and advocate for our…
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010 Self-Care as a Million-Dollar Business Plan with Susan Hyatt

One thing many business owners fail to make time for – women especially – is self-care. This is a very buzzed-about topic (for good reason), but a lot of approaches to self-care don't go beyond the superficial. It takes more than a face mask or a night of bingeing Netflix…
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009 How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Investments

Last week we talked about how you can make decisions like a seven-figure CEO. This week, we're going to build on that topic by talking about another essential skill: maximizing the return you get from investments you make in your business. When I talk about investing in your business, I'm…
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