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Are you looking to learn more about
entrepreneurship and money?

Help others achieve their financial goals?

Become a

Hello Seven Coach—a business coach + money coach + mindset coach all in one.

Our Hello Seven Method is a step-by-step path to growing a business from $0 to $100K to $1,000,000—and beyond.

What You'll Get

Work with Diverse

Teach historically excluded entrepreneurs who are underestimated and underserved—women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities—how to grow a business from 0 to 7 figures.

Impact the Next Gen of Entrepreneurs

Help clients shift from overworking, underearning, and financial stress to prosperity. Through our proprietary H7 method, you’ll help each client change their attitude about money, set exciting financial goals, build a successful business, and create generational wealth.

Change Lives and Earn Money

Get paid to alter lives, families, and communities. You can coach part-time or full-time, in person or online, and work with clients 1-on-1 or in groups. The options are unlimited. Your work as a Hello Seven Coach can be anything you want it to be.

Goodbye, scarcity.
Hello, seven figures.

Interested in becoming a Hello Seven Coach?

Are you the Ideal Candidate?

We’re looking for a particular kind of person, and it might be you.

  • You want to help people set exciting financial goals and achieve them.
  • You want to learn more about entrepreneurship and money.
  • You feel called to work with women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities, and/or other historically excluded communities.
  • You want to help people break out of the painful cycle of over-working, under-earning, and financial stress.
  • You want to learn how to take a business from zero to seven figures and beyond and teach others how to do the same.
  • You want to clear your money blocks, build a million-dollar mindset, and help your clients do the same.
  • You can envision yourself coaching part-time or full-time and getting paid to do this.
  • You are frustrated by the wealth gap in our society and want to do something to fix it.
  • You want to learn a highly marketable skill that can make you a millionaire.

If that’s you, apply to become a Hello Seven Coach.


Do you have an encouraging personality? Are you an unofficial coach, mentor, cheerleader, or healer for your friends? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be self-employed? Do you have prior experience in personal finance, investing, wealth, business, marketing, sales, branding, or a related topic? Do you have a growth mindset? If so, you’re a great candidate.

Whether you have a thriving coaching business or just getting started, this program can help you help others develop their businesses as a business coach while you scale your business to six figures and beyond. Learn the Hello Seven Method to fill in your knowledge gaps and become an even more powerful coach.

No. Other major certification programs and the ICF often help further the severe power imbalance in our world. At Hello Seven, our mission is to close the wealth gap—one entrepreneur at a time. We’re creating our own certification that centers BIPOC and LGBTQ folks where we can thrive and keep wealth.

You become a Hello Seven-certified coach and can promote yourself as such upon completing the program. Most importantly, we’ll equip you with processes and strategies to add a coaching offer to your existing business or build a new coaching service from scratch. We are partnering with you for the long term. Your success is our success—we are invested in you.

  • Priceless Knowledge: Get an invaluable education from which you can build a multi-million dollar business, clear blocks, achieve financial goals, make smart money decisions, and create wealth.
  • Brand Excellence: Be a part of our stellar reputation. As we reach new levels of success, so do you.
  • A feature in our Coach Directory so clients can find you.
  • The Million Dollar Marketing Kit: Resources you need to announce your coaching services and get paying clients immediately. 
  • Exciting, Flexible New Revenue Stream: As a Hello Seven Coach, you can earn anywhere from $10K/month to $10M annually. We give you the Million Dollar Coach Blueprint, the business model and strategies that have made Hello Seven the highly profitable powerhouse coaching company it is today. 

Learn more about what’s included in the Hello Seven Coach Program here.

If you want to be a Hello Seven Coach but don’t have the funds available for your tuition, it’s time to get creative. Think like an entrepreneur. Figure out a way to generate the capital you need.

You could: 

  • Start a side hustle and use earnings for tuition.
  • Hold a garage sale and sell items you don’t need.
  • Follow up with clients with overdue invoices and get those paid.
  • Apply for a small business loan, personal loan, or PayPal loan.
  • Ask family, friends, and colleagues to invest in you.
  • Rent a spare room on Airbnb. 
  • Rent your car on Turo.
  • Use a tax refund.
  • Apply for a small business award or grant with a cash prize.
  • Use a line of credit or credit card. (Hello Seven founder Rachel Rodgers did this when she started her business in 2010.)
  • Ask your employer to cover your tuition as a leadership and development expense. Tell them you’ll use what you learn to coach colleagues and help them clear blocks and achieve goals faster. 
  • Ask your tax preparer if your tuition is a tax-deductible business expense. Reduce future taxes you owe and keep more cash in your pocket.

There are hundreds of money-generating options. It’s up to you to choose an option (or two) and make a move. By doing this, you become a role model for your future clients.

You’ll be able to tell clients, “One time, there was an opportunity I really wanted, but I didn’t have the cash to do it. I got creative. I got moving. I generated the capital I needed—quickly. I proved to myself that I could do this. You can do this, too. You have the power to generate more money whenever you want.”

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Business coach certification
for the next generation of

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