Position Overview

We’re hiring a Customer Service Representative who can help us more effectively accomplish our mission as a company. That mission is to help historically and systemically marginalized people who want to make more money. We provide executive coaching that challenges societal constraints, an empowering community, and strategic, wealth-building education. The change we want to make is a more balanced distribution of the world’s economic and political power. We will know we are successful when:

  1. We are the standard for business training and
  2. 100% of our clients who have worked with us for 12 months have begun creating the foundations for a sustainable company, and they've increased their income by 30% or more.

We believe we should all be millionaires, and we've got exciting new projects in the works… so many that we need a hand to get them all done.

And that is where you come in!

We need you to bring your skills in written communication and your passion for customer service to our clients.

Who You’ll Work With

This is a full time role that reports directly to our Client Experience Manager. You’ll work with our team in Client Experience as well as our team in Operations.

We are looking for someone who has a minimum of 1 year of experience in a customer support role, the ability to sell via email and chat, communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, and also has dreams of long term growth with Hello Seven. This is a remote, work-from-home position with occasional travel to our main office in Greensboro, NC. 

This position will also require flexibility including working some occasional evenings and weekends. We run several live events per year that may require your in-person assistance.

Who We Are

Our mission is to empower women-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, queer-owned businesses, and other entrepreneurs from communities that have been marginalized to make $1m in revenue and build wealth.  Getting to $1M+ in revenue isn’t just a financial bragging point—it’s a benchmark that allows them to make a difference in their lives, their communities, and the world. We do this by delivering top-notch executive coaching in the form of coaching programs, live and virtual events, a podcast, a newsletter, and online-based communities. We have a growing audience of 50,000 women entrepreneurs and are on a mission to serve as many women as possible.

How We Promote Equity, Cultivate Leaders, and Grow, Together.

Diversity boils down to curiosity — it is the antithesis of boredom.

Dr. Anna Powers

Hello Seven is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.  We are dedicated to a culture where everyone can show up to work as their full, authentic selves.

Diversity and inclusion doesn’t happen by accident or happenstance, it is by design. Together, we are the designers. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace makes our business stronger—we care about including diverse perspectives and experiences throughout every level of Hello Seven. When we say, “we should all be millionaires,” we mean ALL of us. This is why we are committed to honoring, celebrating, and fostering diversity and inclusion on our team, in our clientele, and within our community. Our team must reflect our community. We value, respect, and support all types of diversity across all identities including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, LQBTQIA, age, religion, and abilities. 

We take responsibility for the community we are creating with Hello Seven, and we are here to contribute to the progression of our society to a more inclusive and equitable one.

What We Believe In

We’re committed to growth mindset.

We challenge our limiting beliefs, biases, prejudices, and habits to create the world we want to live in.

Personal responsibility is paramount.

We are brave enough to admit when we’re wrong or when we’ve made mistakes and take the initiative to correct the issue. We are here to own our individual part in all co-created messes AND miracles.

Simplicity sustainably scales.

We seek the solution that is as easy as possible to execute AND gets the biggest result. Let it be easy and be willing to do the work that creates ease. Work hard once, then tweak and repeat.

Momentum depends on process.

Clear process simplifies every task, and when a process doesn’t yet exist, we know creating it will move us more quickly toward our goals.

Our success is measured by the success we create for others.

When our team members and clients are successful, so, too, are we.

The more fun we have the more money we make.

Changing the world and making money can both be joyful pursuits. We know when we’re having fun and we’re aligned as a team, creating impact and having success come easily.


The Customer Service Representative maintains our support channels through the implementation of processes for customer support. You will own and guard our inbox and be a voice of support in our private communities.

Responsibilities & Essential Duties  

  • Maintaining our support channels, in line with our company values.
  •  Responding to customer queries in a timely and accurate way via email or chat.
  •  Following established processes to track and respond to customer needs and help customers use specific features.
  •  Resolve customer queries, recommend solutions and guide product users through features and functionalities in a timely manner.
  •  Answer all emails, daily. Inbox “0” at the end of every day.
  • Annotate accounts as needed.
  • Answer all assigned emails, including FAQ submissions that populate in HelpScout.
  • Sell by chat on our live website integrated chat.
  • Submit refund requests to supervisor for review.
  •  Send a Quality Survey to each caller, or for each email received.
  •  Respond to comments and direct messages on social media platforms, by established process.
  • Engage with our online community.


  • Understands all company products.
  • Maintain positive survey results for all customer interactions.
  • Resolve all customer issues, questions, or concerns.


As we’re looking for an ideal fit, our new Customer Service Representative will likely possess what we’ve listed below:

  • Must have a minimum of 1 year of experience in a customer support role.
  • Ability to sell via email and chat.
  •  Communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  •  Display your commitment and ability to advance diversity and inclusion.
  •  Be a good, active listener.
  • Be empathetic.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  •  Be able to see both big picture and tactical perspectives.
  • Familiarity with our industry.
  • Experience using help desk software and remote support tools.
  • Patience when handling tough cases.
  •  Passion for working with others (being collaborative).
  • A quiet home work environment, including:
    • A computer
    • Cell phone
    • High-speed internet

Why This Job is Awesome

Working with Hello Seven is the exact opposite of being a corporate drone stuck in a cubicle. When you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Experience in a fast-growing company where things change daily, new ideas come to life in a matter of weeks and everybody is fully invested, every single day.
  • The chance to stretch professionally. If there is a skill set or topic you’re interested in, this is the place to learn and challenge yourself. 
  • Your voice is heard! Every one of our team members has the chance to give input, create value and make a big impact on the future of our company. 
  • A team behind you that is cheerleading you, supporting you, guiding you and championing you. 
  • Do your work from anywhere: your living room, the coffee shop, a hotel pool…
  • We offer a competitive base salary package including:
    • Monthly profit sharing
    • Health insurance
    • 401k
    • Paid time off

If you’ve read through this description and you think this may be the right fit for you – now it’s time to take action and apply!

Application Instructions

We’re accepting applications (keep in mind we will begin interviewing potential candidates immediately so we highly recommend applying as soon as possible).

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