Do you want to make more money—a lot more money—without sacrificing your family, health, or sanity?

Then you are in the right place.
Welcome to We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.

In this Club, we believe that earning more money is not a bad thing. It’s a great thing. It’s good for you, your household, and your community, too.

We’re here to help you make more money than ever before.

And we’re not talking about a few piddly deposits.

We’re talking about serious money.

  • No mo’ debt money.
  • First class flight money.
  • Hire an assistant money.
  • Quit your day job money.
  • Fuck the patriarchy money.
  • Become a philanthropist money.
  • Too blessed to be stressed money.
  • Truffle butter on your pasta money.
  • Down payment on your dream house money.
  • College fund for your kids (and grandkids) money.
  • “I don’t have to worry about money ever again” money.

Money to live as big as you want to live.

Money for the people you love and the causes you care about.

Join The Club and increase your income by 30% (or more) in the next year.

We provide everything you need: Coaching. Training. Systems. Legal guidance. A brilliant community that’s got your back. This Club brings it all together for you.

It’s time to get that coin.


Try it for one month. Leave anytime.

No long-term commitment and pretty much no risk.
Get in here!

Is this Club right for you?

This is a diverse Club filled with women from all backgrounds, ages, and professions.

The Club is excellent for you if:

You’re climbing the corporate ladder and looking for creative ways to boost your income.

You’re a business owner making $100K per year and above, and you’re hungry for more.

You’re thinking about freelancing or starting side hustle, you’ve got ideas and a laptop and not much else, and you want to get started on a strong note.

If you are ambitious, eager to learn, and want to phatten your wallet, join us!

Our Promise to You.

When you join The Club:

You will have a whole new attitude about money.

You will get your financial world in order, no more mess and shame.

You will be surrounded by ambitious women who generously share tips and resources, open doors, and help you rise.

You will be coached by the top specialists in the field.

You will increase your income by 30% (minimum) within the first 12 months.

And if you want to become a millionaire (and we hope you do!), we show you a realistic path to get there within 3 years.



Founder of Hello Seven & We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club


In our world, very few women hold serious financial power.

  • Only 6% of women earn $100K per year and above, compared to 13% of men.
  • Only 2% of female-run businesses ever reach $1 million in annual revenue.
  • Women are 35% more likely to live in poverty than men, with single mothers facing the highest risk.

Not having enough money leaves many women feeling broke (financially and emotionally), trapped in poor marriages and other shitty situations, buried in debt, unable to save adequately for retirement, and limited in so many ways.

This is unfair and imbalanced.

At Hello Seven, we are determined to change all of this.


It’s time for women to start making serious coin.

Enter: We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club.

An online community and make-that-money classroom for women. It’s kinda like a virtual gym. Except instead of building muscle, you build wealth and get into the best financial shape of your life.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says, “We should all be feminists.”
We agree 100%. However, we want to take it one step further.
We should all be millionaires.

*Because nobody ever wrote a hit song about a small butt and that’s a #fact.
**But if you have a tiny butt, it’s okay boo, we still love you too.


Should you join the Club? Is it right for you?

We’re looking for a particular kind of woman, and you might be a match. Let’s find out!

Qualities we’re looking for:

  • You are a womxn or you want to be in community with badass broads
  • You are a professional who is looking to pursue wealth. This may be through starting a business, investing in real estate, or climbing the corporate ladder.
  • You want to stop making broke-ass decisions and start making million-dollar decisions.
  • You are kind, cool, and coachable.
  • You want to build wealth and use it to give your family an incredible life, plan for the future, and do great things in the world.
  • You are committed to being an anti-racist. (And if you’re not quite sure what this term means, you are curious and open to learning.)
  • You want to upgrade your social circle and start hanging with bosses, leaders, millionaires, and millionaires-in-the-making, people with a high-quality mindset—the dopest, flyest humans on the Internet!
  • You miss Obama every day.

If that’s you, you’ll be obsessed with this Club and we’d love to have you!

“But I’m terrible with money. I can’t become wealthy. This is possible for other people, but not for me.”

Madam C.J. Walker became America’s first female millionaire back in 1906. She was born to slaves. She was poor. She was Black. All the odds were stacked against her. If she could do it then, you can absolutely do it now.

We can help.

Whatever is stopping you from making serious coin—whether it’s shaky confidence, lack of community, knowledge gaps when it comes to marketing, sales, automation systems, and how to leverage your intellectual property, or a janky mindset about money (it’s okay, we’ve been there!), The Club has got what you need.

We are determined to help you win.

Make The Move To Running A Sustainable Company

Our framework and support is designed to help you shift from “freelancer” to “CEO”. From planning to hiring, from offer design to marketing to strategic growth and more- we want you to build a real, sustainable company with serious income for years to come.

Benefits of joining the club

So many bennies!

Here’s how we help you rake in those Benjamins.

  • You get direct access to Rachel Rodgers (Club founder, attorney, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire) and the Hello Seven team for a tiny fraction of what it usually costs to hire us.
  • You get coached by some of the top minds in the industry. Our coaching team is unparalleled. Specialists from diverse backgrounds. The creme de la creme.
  • You get mindset training, systems for automating your marketing efforts and getting 300-500 new leads every month, and access to business advisors who can answer your questions. This is a champagne package on a kombucha budget!
  • You get to hang with ambitious women (bosses, leaders, millionaires, and millionaires-in-the-making), so all that power and golden-money dust can rub off on you.
  • You learn how to make million-dollar decisions instead of broke-ass decisions, shift your behavior, and earn exponentially more than you currently do.
  • Another big benefit: The Club is a chill, flexible situation. No long-term commitment. Though we recommend, at minimum, a three-month membership, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime. Just give us 15 days’ notice.

Peek inside the club

What exactly happens inside We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club?

Here’s a peek at everything that goes down inside:

You hang out inside a gorgeous training website and discussion forum. Pop in once a day, once a week, however often you want.

Million-Dollar Decision Forum, first Tuesday of every month at 1 pm EST. Bring your dilemmas, get input, make decisions, and move forward.

Million-Dollar Mindset Coaching every Friday at 1 pm EST to tune up your mindset and keep you focused on your financial goals. Our members refer to this as “Money Church,” a sermon on wealth, worthiness, and independence that will light your heart on fire.

Million-Dollar Address with The Club Founder, Rachel Rodgers, once a month. What’s relevant for you to know right now, and how we can rise up and prevail against all the odds. (It’s like a State of the Union Address except with a Black Lady President.)

Each week we recognize a Club member for her contributions to the community and for, overall, being a boss.

PLUS, you get access to all four Hello Seven programs:

Improve your money mindset, value yourself, and change the daily behaviors that get in the way of your ability to build wealth.

Upgrade your business on every level and start making some damn money! Complete a series of projects to generate cash flow quickly and consistently.

Leverage your intellectual property, create a scalable product, and start earning money 24/7, instead of just trading hours for dollars.

Legal guidance and documents to protect yo’ ass—and your assets. Guard yourself against lawsuits. Save yourself from a world of drama! There are far too many liabilities you probably haven’t even thought of yet!

Your Club membership is $295 per month

You can cancel anytime with 15 days’ notice.

Or $2995 if you commit upfront for 12 months (you save $545 that way—and you get a dope bonus gift, too!)

She’s already here

Your next client. 
Your next creative partner.
Your next ride-or-die BFF.
She’s in the Club.

There are quite a few associations, memberships, and clubs for women in business. We know you’ve got other options out there.

Our Club is unquestionably the most diverse. And the most fun.

We work hard. We play hard. We drop motivational quotes from Socrates, Obama, and Rihanna, too. We are smart, hilarious, fly as hell, unapologetic about wanting the best possible life, and determined to win.

If those are the kind of women you want in your corner, you belong here. Join us!


Hello Seven is a female-run company specializing in business, marketing, financial, and legal training.


To help you build wealth.

Hello Seven was founded by Rachel Rodgers, an intellectual property attorney and business coach. Rodgers started her career working for state and federal judges, nonprofits, and even Hillary Clinton.

Today she’s the owner of a multi-million dollar business, mother of four, and visionary featured in publications like Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and The Washington Post, and on hit programs like The Drew Barrymore Show.

The Hello Seven team includes marketing and sales experts and master coaches who can whip your mindset into shape, get you unstuck, and get you behaving like the boss you know you can be.


Ladies love The Club, because we deliver results!

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Club Enrollment Is Not Open At This Time

We're reopening the doors this Spring! Get your name on the waitlist to be the first to hear the announcement:

Take a Test Drive!

Curious about joining the Club… but not feeling ready to commit just yet?

Watch my “Power Offers” Masterclass—A behind-the-scenes look at my system to craft irresistible, scalable offers for ANY industry.

You can also listen to the Hello Seven Podcast (it’s free) or download the Million-Dollar Behavior e-book (also free).

We’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed, and you’ll want to come find us up in da Club.

We’re waiting with open arms and bottles full of bub.

30% Increase Income Calculator

The Club is designed to increase your income by a minimum of 30% in the first 12 months (or sooner!).

Enter your current monthly income to see how much more you could be making in just a few months. How would 30% more income change things for you?

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Bonus Workshop

Build Your Own Bank: Learn 12 ways to generate extra cash flow whenever you need to, in any economy.

If you choose the Annual Membership, you get a 2-hour live workshop with The Club Founder, Rachel Rodgers, as a bonus gift.

In part one of this workshop, learn how to generate more money every single month—no matter what’s going on in the economy. Create a revenue plan that is pandemic-proof and recession-proof. Instead of trimming expenses down to the bone, you’re gonna focus on expanding and getting more money rollin’ in the door.

In part two, you’ll create a strategy to generate cash quickly. How much more would you like to earn in the next 30 days? $1,000, $5,000, $25,000? Whatever amount you want—to invest in your business, decorate your home, move to a better neighborhood, hire some help, or pad your savings—you’ll nail down a plan to generate what you need!

Rachel is the Queen of Cash Flow. Her insights will blow your mind. This workshop alone is worth the cost of the annual membership. Get it for free when you choose the Annual Membership.


A path to build wealth, a phat bank account, Boss-Lady friends, plus joy, serenity, and clearer skin.

We’re here to help you WIN.


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