How Megan Landed Five Dream Clients in Two Weeks

In a Nutshell

Megan felt like she was facing two options: keep working day and night, keep running herself ragged and keep making money. Or, stop working as much, stop feeling so exhausted…but stop making money. She decided to do the HANDLED RETREAT in hopes of finding a third option.

Rachel had a bigger vision for me than I had for myself.

The Problem

The second I met Megan, I understood what her problem was – she didn’t realize how much potential she had. The reason she thought she had to decide between making money and spending time with her kids was because she wasn’t being realistic about her earning potential.

The Solution

During her HANDLED RETREAT, I helped Megan see that the only thing holding her back was her mindset. She already had clients who had seen great success and needed a next step and she had enormous value to share. If she could sell a high-level program, she would have more time for her family and more income. As Megan says, “I came to you with an idea and you just turned the dial up.”

The Result

  • Launched a high-level mastermind the next week
  • Increased price from $4,000 to $22,000
  • Landed 5 of her ideal clients within two weeks
  • Made 10x her investment in the HANDLED RETREAT

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