How Leah Had a Five-Figure Launch on Her First Product

In a Nutshell

Leah was building a successful business when she faced an unexpected medical emergency. It opened her eyes to the fact that if she couldn’t work every day, she wouldn’t be able to earn money. She bought MULTIPLY as a way to make income that didn’t depend on her showing up to work.

“Multiply helped me create a program that I’m really proud of.”

The Problem

In order to make the money she wanted to make, Leah would have to work way more than she was comfortable with. She realized that only focusing on one-on-one client work meant sacrificing her happiness. After seeing how quickly a medical event can change everything, she wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice any longer.

The Solution

Using my proprietary MULTIPLY process, Leah found her answer. She was able to quickly gather content she’d already created for clients so that by the time the outline was finished, she realized the course was mostly created. She also used the MULTIPLY community to find accountability and support. As Leah says, “I didn’t realize how much I needed community until I had it.”

The Result

  • Had a five-figure launch
  • Met entire sales goal during pre-launch phase
  • Created a peer group with two other MULTIPLY members
  • Already working on her next product

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