How Cindy Took Her Course From Crickets to Cash

In a Nutshell

Cindy knew her digital course was quality content that her followers needed, so why wasn’t it selling? After two failed launches, Cindy was ready to give up. She bought MULTIPLY as a last resort. Turns out, the third time’s the charm.

“I wish you made Multiply so much earlier so that I wouldn’t have wasted money on all the other courses.”

The Problem

Cindy had already created a digital course for home stagers and she knew it was a really solid course. The problem was nobody else knew that and the course wasn’t selling. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong so she bought Multiply, hoping that it would show her what she wasn’t seeing.

The Solution

Through Multiply, Cindy realized that having kick-ass content wasn’t the only factor to a successful course. She also needed to sell it. Her original sales page wasn’t communicating value. And besides emailing her list, she didn’t have a way to get new customers. She redid the course with video content, restructured the outline based on feedback from the Multiply community and learned marketing strategies to get sales. Most importantly, the people in the Multiply community helped validate that Cindy’s product was needed.

The Result

  • Made 10K in a week
  • Divided pricing to get more sales
  • Is using digital courses to support herself through grad school

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