Hello Seven has helped THOUSANDS of diverse entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into a MILLION-DOLLAR business. With our methods, you’ll leave your 9-to-5 within 12 months.

Coco Peila

Hip Hop & Alt-R&B Afro Diaspora MC, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and cultural organizer

Coco Made $8,500 In 5 Days

“I have generated $8,500. Just waiting for the last $5,000 transfer to come through! I’m in awe and so grateful for Hello Seven and the Make Money Moves Challenge.”

Jah Increased Her Prices Significantly

“I made a Money Move! All my membership fees increased from $179 to $225 and newbies will pay $325 monthly. Still shaking in my boots but I’m here.”

Jah Assata Auset

Life Coach and Goddess Retreat Guide at Goddess Queen Jah Ast

Nike Invested In Herself and It Paid Off—Times 10

“I signed up for the Make Money Moves Challenge with Hello Seven. I decided to spend the extra $300 to upgrade to the Platinum VIP ticket. I told myself, ‘I am going to invest the $300 and then earn it back today’. I ended up making 10x more during the challenge for a total of $3,000.”

Nike Olabisi-Green  ⁄  Founder - NOLA Movement

Cathy Mazak

Academic Writing Coach

Cathy Increased Her Income By 10x

“Prior to working with Hello Seven, I sold a course and made $14k from that launch. After working with Hello Seven, I sold that same course and made $65k. Before, I was earning around $10k per month on average. This year, I had my first $100k month.”

Rae Had Their First Million Dollar Year

“Because of my work with Rachel and Hello Seven, I took my practice from $300k per year to $700k per year. And then, we hit $1,000,000 for the first time.

Rae McDaniel

Founder of Practical Audacity, MEd, LCPC, CST, Gender & Sex Therapist

We Asked Our Clients, “How Has Working with Hello Seven Changed Your Life?”

Here's What They Said.

Minna and Jacqueline joined the Hello Seven Mastermind, and within 9 months had grown their team from 0 to 12, plus contractors. Why? Because when they joined the mastermind, they learned one key phrase: “You will stunt your own growth if you do not hire.” Minna and Jacqueline are now able to work on what they want to be working on in their business.

As a result? They had their biggest launch ever—and it was their easiest launch ever. They get to be in their genius.

Minna Khounlo-Sithep and Jacqueline Snyder  ⁄  The Product Bosses

Shannon and Yadira started out as members of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, and joined The Hello Seven Mastermind at the beginning of 2022. When asked why they joined, here’s what they said, “having community. It's one thing to have a community of entrepreneurs and friends in industry and that sort of thing. But having a community of women that are all seven-figure business owners, that's a very different dynamic. There are very different conversations that we could have in that room.”

Shannon and Yadira joined for community and mindset, both of which they got. But they also realized they can’t make more money without understanding the structure and operations that go with it. Without that, they were stunting their own growth. They had 20 people reporting directly to them, no org chart, and no systems for support. After only 10 months in the mastermind, they’ve doubled their team and their revenue. They grew from seven to eight figures in only 10 months.

Shannon Simpson Jones and Yadira Harrison  ⁄  Verb

Emily joined The Hello Seven Mastermind because it was important to her to feel in full alignment with her coach and mentor. To be able to grow without sacrificing her mental health, values, or self in the process.

“I was feeling alone, I was feeling stuck, I had some personal things I wanted to accomplish. And at the end of the day I needed, not only an example, but I needed accountability to keep stepping forward into my power and creating more of that impact that I know I'm here to make.”

Emily Grey  ⁄  The Flourish Market

Nicole Barham

Founder - The Five Minute Bookkeeper

“I quit my day job 6 months after joining The Club."

“In a little over a year, I grew my income to 6 figures! What a difference a freaking year makes!”

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Rae has worked with Hello Seven since 2019, and hit $1 million in revenue in 2021.

Rae McDaniel

Practical Audacity & GenderFck

Wins Wins Wins

Whatever is stopping you from making more money—whether it’s self-doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism, not having enough time, or not having the right pricing or business model—we help you clear these blocks out of your way.

We help our clients make courageous moves—and bring more coins in the door.

Liberty Sent One Follow Up Email and Made $5k

“Rachel says, ‘there are funds in the follow up’. So, I followed up with a lead. We had spoken a few weeks prior but nothing was ever confirmed. I circled back to ask, “Can we put a meeting on the schedule sometime next week?” He said, “How about today?” and we are moving forward! This project will generate about $5k to $10k in revenue.”

Liberty White

Liberty White  ⁄  [Name of Business]

“I left my job on December 31 to put my full heart energy into my business. I’m already contracted to bring in $275,000 for 2022 and we’re only 63 days into the year!

Shanya Harrington  ⁄  CEO of Harrington Shoes

Camille Leak

Real Talk & Brave Spaces LLC

Camille Quit Her Day Job and Earned $275,000 in 63 Days

“I left my job on December 31 to put my full heart energy into my business. I’m already contracted to bring in $275,000 for 2022 and we’re only 63 days into the year! Hello Seven has been so critical in my own journey.”

Rosezena Took Her Law Practice From $250k to $1.6 Million

“In December 2018, my total revenue for the year was just shy of $250k. Then I began working with Hello Seven. At the end of 2019, I had doubled my revenue to $500k. Coming into the end of 2020: $1.6 million. If I would have listened to someone and let them talk me out of coaching, I would have missed out on this growth.”

Rosezena Pierce

Founding Attorney, the R.J. Pierce Law Group

Shayla Toombs-Withers

Family Medicine Physician

Shayla Rolled Out a Lucrative New Offer

“I’m celebrating a win! Rolled out a new introductory offer for a body composition analysis at my clinic.”

Kara Got Out Of Her Own Way

“When I came into The Hello Seven Mastermind, I kept telling myself ‘people won’t pay for this thing that I want to sell’. Rachel helped me see that I was telling myself a story that wasn’t actually true. Rachel’s gift is seeing what is possible for your business before you can see it yourself—and how you’re getting in your own way. That is exactly what I needed.”

Kara Loewentheil

Founder of Unf*ck Your Brain

Stephanie Alexander

[Name of Business]

Stephanie Decided to Stop Waiting and Just Go For It

“I posted about my coaching endeavor on LinkedIn, because I know that I can reach even more people if I just put it out there. We can all do hard things. Thank you to the Hello Seven team and community for challenging me to just do the damn thing.”

Sharee Is Making Her First Hire

“My win for the week—I am interviewing an email marketing person and a tech person on Tuesday.”

Sharee Berkhout

[Name of Business]

Maureen Tuitt

Emotional Wellness Coach at The Pastors Place for female pastors and works at counselor at Insight Specialized Counseling Service

Maureen Increased Her Prices and Her Confidence, Too

“Rachel and team: this is the best challenge I have ever attended. It has fired me up to make dem Money Moves. Increasing prices for my packages has increased my confidence and self worth. I’m excited for my millionaire mindset and future.”

Hang with Us and You Will Make More Money

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