7 Steps to Making 7-Figures in 2018

Big revenue goals are not just about having the right to do list. Yes, there are specific things you need to do to scale your revenue quickly, and you should do them. But that, in and of itself, won’t get you to a million.

Generating significantly more money is also about who you need to become. The person you are now is not the version of you that is going to get to 7-figures. There are habits you’ll need to change, attitudes you’ll need to shift, thoughts you’ll need to eradicate in order to reach the level of success you desire.

These are the steps you should consider taking if you want to reach 7-figures, or otherwise scale your revenue significantly, in 2018.

1. Decide. What the hell is it that you do? And who are you going to do it for? Make that decision and make it now. You don’t have to get this perfect, you just have to get it done. You can always pivot the work that you do and who you do it for in the future. Take it from me, you do not have to do the thing you have chosen for the rest of your life, but you do need to make a decision and go all in. I recommend choosing something that drives you, something that makes your heart beat faster. Choose a destination that you can get excited about and then get on your way.

2. Simplify Your Model. What’s the one way you’d really like to serve your people? Is it an annual conference or a weekend workshop you deliver every month? A year-long relationship, where you and your client are committed to working together to achieve certain results over 12 months? Is it an online course? Is it a physical product? Is it a specific, short-term service? Choose one way (yes, I said one) that you’re excited to serve your people and figure out how many of those you need to sell this year in order to achieve your revenue goal. This is your new business model. Simple scales faster.

3. Take Responsibility. Now that you know how many widgets you need to sell this year. Take personal responsibility for reaching that goal. Take responsibility for your weaknesses, your losses, your areas where you lack knowledge, for where you may need to fill in gaps in your skill set (by acquiring new skills, new team members or guidance/coaching) to get you to your destination. Your success is your responsibility, no one else’s. Own it.

4. Reveal Yourself. You’ve got something to offer. Now it’s time to find the people who need it. How do you do that? By putting yourself out there. Yeah, all the way out there. This is the part where all of your fears come up: fear of rejection, of failure, of being judged, of losing what you currently have (even though it’s not what you want). And this is the part where you build up your courage muscle and do it anyway. It’s time to show your cards: who are you, what do you have to offer, what do you stand for and what do you really think? Yes, you will be judged and yes, that’s the price of success.

5. Care. Care enough about your clients to put them first. What keeps them up at night? What are they yearning for? What are they terrified of? What are they dreaming of? Study your target market like your success depends on it. (It does). Serve them daily, or at least weekly. (Before they’ve paid you anything). Commit to their success and you will find your own.

6. Sell. In order to make money, you’ve got to offer your wares. This will be natural and seamless, if you’ve taken all of the above steps. Selling is really not about shoving your shit down people’s throats. Selling is about enthusiasm. Have some. Share your excitement for what you offer with your potential clients. Show them how it benefits them and show them why you are the right person for the job. Sell enthusiastically and sell often. (There’s no such thing as timid selling).

7. Deliver. Once you sell, it’s time to deliver. This won’t be a problem as long as you care and take responsibility (see #3 and #5). Your fears will tell you that you’re not good enough. Ignore them. Follow your instincts, ask for help when you need it, take risks and be more committed to your clients’ success than you are to your ego. And remember this quote from Naval Ravikant: “If I only ever did what I was qualified to do, I’d be a janitor.”

If you go all in with these seven things this year, we’ll be celebrating your massive success come December.


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